Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans

Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans

Xfinity Mobile is a cell phone carrier available for Xfinity customers. They offer affordable starting at just $15 per month.

Xfinity is very resourceful and has many cool features. First, the network is widespread and can be connected almost anywhere except in some rural areas. Xfinity Mobile offers smartwatches with amazing deals that make it easy to view your phone contacts and make phone calls, without even taking your phone out of your pocket. Smartwatches allow you to surf the web at any time.

Xfinity Mobile allows you to set up a monthly payment plan until all of your bills are paid. If you wish to add a new gadget to your collection, there is no need to fret. This wireless network provider has made it much easier for customers to access their gadgets.

Xfinity provides Norton Mobile Security at no additional cost to ensure that your smartphone is secure. With the new security app, hackers and crackers have gone. You don’t need to transfer licenses when you switch phones.

Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans: By The Gig

Prices for Xfinity Mobile range from $15 per month to $60 per month depending on which options you select. These prices do not include taxes or fees. Prices will vary by state.

You get 1GB of data and unlimited talk/text with a minimum $15 plan. An additional $15 is charged per GB for data usage beyond 1GB. Comcast rounds up data usage so that 2.1GB and 2.9GB would be considered 3GB each, which will cost $45. This is not the case with Google Fi, which will refund you for data you don’t use.

Xfinity has been modified by the Gig to accommodate new customers who share the same bucket of data over multiple lines. The new system allows you to choose how much data you need upfront. There are lower costs for more data. One example: 1GB of data costs $15; 3GB costs $30, and 10GB is only $60.

Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans

The Gig plans offer video streaming in HD resolution and LTE Hotspot speeds. Data Saver reduces video resolution to 480p and slows down hotspot speeds up to 600kbps. This is done to prevent you from exceeding your data limit and creating a higher monthly cost.


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Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans: Unlimited Plans

Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited plan is $45 per month for a single line. Unlimited plans are now more appealing to families because Xfinity offers discounts when you add more lines.

You pay $80 per month for two lines of unlimited data, or $40 per line. You’ll pay $120 per month for four lines of unlimited data. This is $30 per line.

Xfinity, like other carriers, will slow down your speeds if there is more data than you have — 20GB per month in this instance. This is lower than what major carriers have. Verizon’s Play More or Do More Plans won’t slow down data speeds if your monthly usage exceeds 50GB, but those plans cost $35 more than Xfinity Mobile.

Unlimited plans limit video resolution to 480p when streaming over the cellular network. Hotspot speeds are also limited to 600 kbps. You can add $20 to your monthly bill if you need HD video at all times.

Subscribers can switch between the Unlimited plan and the “By the Gig” plan at any moment without penalty. This is great for those who have only occasional high-data usage months.

Xfinity Mobile customers should enable two-factor authentication and have a PIN linked. Some customers have reported that their mobile numbers were stolen.

Xfinity Mobile offers attractive plans compared with the best-unlimited data plans offered by the major carriers. T-Mobile’s Essentials plan is the cheapest unlimited plan. It costs $60 per month. Unlimited Starter is $65 per month at AT&T. Using Xfinity Mobile with its unlimited data plan will save you $15-20

Xfinity Mobile Phone Plans

Xfinity Mobile’s pricing advantage was eroded as you added more lines. The best family cell phones have per-line pricing, so the pricing advantage for you has been decreasing. Xfinity has changed its mind on multiple-line discounts. Xfinity charges $120 for four lines with unlimited data. This is the same amount that T-Mobile charges for four lines on its Essentials unlimited plan. T-Mobile currently offers a promotion that waives the cost for the third line. This means you only pay $105 per month. It is worth noting that Xfinity allows you to mix and match lines so that your family members can have unlimited data, while those with lower data can pay per gigabyte. This can help lower your monthly bills.

You can still find more appealing options even with the discounts you get on multiline unlimited plans. Visible, for instance, reduces the per-line cost to its unlimited plan to $25 when you add more than four lines to it.

Xfinity Mobile’s per gigabyte pricing is more generous than some of its MVNOs but it’s still not the most affordable. Tello charges $19 per month for 4GB LTE data. This is $11 less than the Xfinity charge for 3GB. Google Fi charges $10 per gigabyte for LTE data, plus $20 for call and text. However, instead of rounding up after you reach a certain number of gigabytes, you are charged $1 per 100MB. Xfinity charges $30 for 2.1GB, while Google Fi costs $21 for 2.1GB. Comcast does not require that you get either cable or internet service for these services.


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Speed and Coverage

We have already said that Xfinity is the cheapest mobile carrier option for users who only require one or two lines. What about performance? Fortunately, Xfinity does not have its own mobile network. It uses Verizon’s network instead, which is rated highly in many categories that users care about such as reception, coverage, and video streaming.

The table shows that Verizon is at the top in each category, while Xfinity comes in second by default. One caveat: Xfinity customers with unlimited data plans will see speeds drop to 1.5 Mbps download and 750 kbps upload after 20GB per month. Video streaming is limited to 480p, but you can get higher resolutions for $20/mo. HD Pass is available.

Interesting to see that Xfinity has higher coverage ratings than Verizon in some surveys. This could be due to the fact that Xfinity is bolstered with millions of hotspots throughout the U.S.

Xfinity Cell Phone Plans: Bottom Line

It all depends on your situation. However, Comcast’s mobile services seem like a solid value to some customers, especially single users who need unlimited data. The 5G included is the cherry on the cake. Families may also want to check out Xfinity Mobile, which offers discounts on multiple lines.

Xfinity Mobile is a good option for users who can only use 1 to 2 GB per month. Xfinity Mobile is less appealing than other prepaid plans, as you will see above.

Xfinity Mobile has become more attractive because you can now bring your phone to the service. However, Android users will need specific Samsung or Google phones in order to use that feature. Comcast’s checker tool will allow you to check if your phone is compatible.

You can use Xfinity Mobile while traveling to other countries. However, you will be charged for data, talk, and text (rates vary depending on the country). Also, international data plans are generally more affordable.

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