Walmart Family Mobile Plans

walmart family mobile plans

Walmart Family Mobile is among the many prepaid mobile virtual network service providers in the USA. The service which operates on the T-Mobile network is among the best ones if you wish to consider the cost, but the question continues to be when it will find its footing in the set up of the very best.

In the last couple of years, Walmart Family Mobile plans have emerged into the prepaid world as a contender. Although it’s one of the lowest-priced choices on the industry, there was a lot of current negative opinions since they were purchased by TracFone in 2016. Let’s see exactly what all they provide, and why this “newer” service born out of two megaliths has been received so badly by the public.

Walmart Family Mobile Plans

The Walmart Family Mobile plans can provide you with the affordability, you are looking for in a phone plan without the trouble of locking you into a long contract. While it might at first look strange to you to purchase mobile services from a large box retail giant, Walmart has provided competitive rates which use cell towers in place via the national network of T-Mobile.

The company might not have so many phone plans but it sure comes with some which are excellent with no contract. The plans possess features for talk, texts, and data on a monthly basis which stay under $50. Below are the plans:

  • $24.88 Plan: The costs begins with this plan which offers unlimited talk, text, and 2GB data. With this plan, the data speed is up to 4G LTE. After this, the speed will be at 2G.
  • $29.88 Unlimited Plan: This also has unlimited talk, texts, and data packages also for a month. For the data package under this plan, you get a speed of 4G LTE on the first 3GB and then it runs at 2G.
  • $39.88 Unlimited Plan: Also like the other plans, this also offers unlimited calls, text, and data packages. For the first 9GB of data used, the speed will be at 4G LTE speed after which it will run at 2G.
  • $49.88 Unlimited Plan: At the top of the plans is this plan that comes with unlimited calls, text, and data packages for a month. Unlike others, your data can run at 4G LTE completely with no limitation on this.

Aside from the main cell phone plans, you can also find additional add-on plans which will not come with service, and they work with the Walmart Family Mobile Plans.

  • $9.88 add-on data package of 1GB.
  • $10 extra for international calls and roaming to the chosen destination.

Other than these plans, Walmart Family Mobile also allows for one to add 4 lines to an account. The addition of those lines should make it even cheaper. In case you are adding four extra lines, you could pay $149.40 saving $100.00 for a $49.00  plan.

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Walmart Family Mobile Phones

Walmart Family Mobile gives you Two phone options:

  1. Bring your own phone
  2. Buy a new phone or a refurbished phone

In case you are going to bring your own device, then you definitely need to ensure it can work on T-Mobile. Since they utilize a GSM network, like AT&T, you need a cell phone that will handle it.

If you don’t have a cell phone yet, but you would like to try out Walmart Family Mobile Plans, then they do provide a variety of phones. they also have various cheap phones, but they are of lower quality. Now, since Walmart Family Mobile does not have contracts, their cell phones are full price. Walmart does give good prices on a few of the family mobile phones.

Walmart Family Mobile Coverage

As I mentioned before, Walmart Family Mobile is using the T-Mobile network. Which means that they offer you with T-Mobile Service. look over their coverage map to check if your area had good coverage. so make sure you understand this before you sign up.


The Walmart Mobile Family plans is a good choice for people who need a cheap cell phone plan without the need to sign a contract. Several unlimited talk, text, and data options are available and every person can place up to 5  lines on their accounts. The carrier uses the T-Mobile network, so it enjoys the same coverage. they have a good collection of phones if you want to switch to a new phone or don’t want to bring your phone. We find it to be very affordable, dependable choice for the buyer on a budget.