Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Verizon Wireless is the biggest cell phone carrier in the United States, with more than 100 million members and it has the known best coverage nationwide making them one of the most reliable networks. In survey after survey, they are usually rated number one.

Verizon Wireless recently updated their cell phone plans in a big way for new and existing customers the first major change with Verizon’s new cell phone plans are with the plans themselves, the plans are essentially one plan with many different options it’s called Verizon plan and it comes in four major sizes. The Verizon cell phone plan includes unlimited talk and text with all the sizes and the only difference is the amount of shareable data that comes with the size.

Verizon Individual Cell Phone Plans

You’ve got just Four choices if you’re signing up for a single line with Verizon. The cheapest cell phone plan costs $55, gives you unlimited talk and text and 2GB of high speed data. The next size is 4GB of data for $70, or 8GB of data for $90 a month, then the last size is unlimited plan for $100 a month.

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Verizon Family Cell Phone Plans

Verizon’s family plans range in size from 2GB to unlimited data, and you can have up to 10 devices connected to one plan. For families of four, unlimited data is really the way to go.

The new Verizon Unlimited offers unlimited data, talk and text plus HD video streaming, Mobile Hotspot, calling and texting to Mexico and Canada and up to 500 MB/day of 4G LTE roaming in Mexico and Canada. For $80-per-month for a single line. Two lines will cost you $70-per-line-per-month, three lines is $54-per-line-per-month, and four lines is $45-per-line-per-month. These prices includes both a $20 access fee along with a $5 discount for enrolling in auto-pay. once you hit 22GB in a month the data usage start reducing your speed.

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Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

If you want a prepaid option that still takes advantage of Verizon’s strong network, the carrier does offer prepaid plans. Verizon has two types of prepaid cell phone plans: smartphone plans and basic phone plans.

For instance, there’s no activation fee when signing up for a Verizon prepaid plan, which can save you some cash up front. Also, there are no credit checks with prepaid plans, so if you have particularly bad credit, a prepaid plan might be the way to go for you.

Smartphone Plans

Basic Phone Plans

  • For $30 a month gives you unlimited talk and texts

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Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest cell phone company, is dropping nearly all of its phone plans in favor of pricing schemes that encourage consumers to connect their non-phone devices, like tablets and PCs, to Verizon’s network.

From the carrier’s perspective, providing unlimited access is an efficient use of its network, because calling and texting take up very little capacity. Data usage, on the other hand, consumes a lot of network resources.

The savings will come to subscribers who add more devices like tablets to their plans. In such cases, the new pricing system will be cheaper compared with separate data plans for each device. Today, few consumers put tablets on data plans, probably because they dread paying an extra $30 or so per month, on top of their phone bills.

Will consumers continue to gobble up smart phones, even as they become increasingly expensive?

The simple answer: probably. Data on mobile technology collected by the Pew Research Center suggests that Americans are growing more dependent on their “smart” devices. As of October 2014, 64% of American adults owned a smartphone and as of January 2014 90% owned a cell phone.

More interesting data:

67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls – even when they didn’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating.

44% of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night.

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2 Responses

  1. Timur says:

    Verizon will no longer subsidize the cost of the phone that means you’ll be paying full price for the phone but you can choose to pay upfront for month-to-month but what is the full price of the phone how much the new flashes like the LG G4, Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 really cost well the LG G4 starts at $550, Galaxy S6 starts at $576 and the iPhone 6 starts at $650 that’s a hefty price to pay for the latest and greatest smartphone technology.

    Again looking at the iPhone 6 as an example you can either pay $650 upfront and $50 a month for service or pay zero dollars upfront and $77.08 a month for service either way over the course of two years this will cost you $1850 which is $210 more expensive than Verizon’s previous on contract up so now you know what the Verizon plan is and what does it mean for new and existing customers well if you’re an existing Verizon customer did your current plan to upgrade to the Verizon plan for the next phone upgrade, you will have to pay full price for the phone if you want to switch the Verizon cell phone plan, it will cost you whatever size of 81+ $40 a month for any on contract phone what’s your phone is off contract will cost you the normal $20 per month.

  2. Daniel Tovbin says:

    Super one phone on the small size plan it will cost you $30 a month, the second big change with the Verizon cell phone plan is how you pay for your phone before you can sign a two-year contract and in exchange for your to your commitment breast would subsidize the cost of the phone that meant you can get a smartphone Friday were between zero and $300 as an example you could buy an iPhone 6 for $200 and commit to pay $60 a month for service with this when you get unlimited talk unlimited text and 1 GB of 4G LTE data over the course of two years this plan cost you $1640 now with the Verizon plan.

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