US Mobile Phone Plans

US Mobile Phone Plans

US Mobile is the perfect choice for people who want to customize their phone plans.

US Mobile was founded in 2014 by Ahmed Khattak. They launched their business by offering custom plans and affordable services on the T-Mobile network. US Mobile was not allowed to use T-Mobile branding so they called their network GSM-LTE. In October 2017, US Mobile launched their service on Verizon’s network, which they called Super LTE.

US Mobile offers two types of plans: unlimited and custom plans. You can choose how many minutes, texts, and megabytes you want from your plan’s custom plans. Flexible options and affordable rates make US Mobile’s customized plans ideal for seniors, low-use individuals, and families with young children. All custom plans include a hotspot for free and unlimited LTE data.

Unlimited plans from US Mobile are also available. They are more suitable for users who use more data. Plans start at $40 and you have the option to upgrade your plan to get hotspot or faster data speeds. The unlimited plans do not offer unlimited data. GSM LTE plans only offer 15GB of data. Super LTE plans have 50GB LTE data. Each plan also has a limit on minutes (or 83 hours per month) For most people, 50GB of data is sufficient. However, 5,000 minutes and 50GB of data are plenty.

US Mobile Phone Plans

US Mobile offers affordable prepaid phone plans. You can also try the service for 14 days risk-free. Plans require renewal every 30 days. You can either manually renew your plan, or you can use US Mobile’s autopay feature.

You can choose how many minutes, texts, and data you want from US Mobile. You can add talk, text or data to your US Mobile plan at any time during your billing cycle if you exceed your plan’s limit. These Top Ups are the same price as the plans in US Mobile’s plan builders and can even be rolled over to the next month. You can use the Autopilot AI to determine which allowances you should be using, and it will start in 2020.

US Mobile Phone Plans

You must remember that there are no unlimited data options. If you need unlimited data, you will have to choose an Unlimited All plan.

Three unlimited plans are available from US Mobile:

  • $40 Unlimited All Fast Plan: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data at 5Mbps speeds, with 5GB international roaming
  • $45 Unlimited Unlimited All Fast + Hotspot: Unlimited Talk, Text, Data at 5Mbps Speeds, 10GB International Roaming, Mobile Hotspot
  • $50 Unlimited Unlimited All Ludicrous + Hotspot: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data at 200Mbps+ Speeds, 10GB International Roaming, Mobile Hotspot

5Mbps isn’t very fast. Although this speed may not be sufficient for someone who relies heavily on their smartphone, it might suffice for a senior or young child. The $50 Unlimited Ludicrous plan is for you if you enjoy doing everything on your smartphone. You can stream videos and music, browse social media, and surf the web to your heart’s desire.


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What are the special features offered by US Mobile?

The SIM unlocking service offered by US Mobile is not a standard feature for a mobile virtual operator (MVNO). It makes it easier to bring a locked device from T-Mobile and Verizon. If your device is locked to AT&T, US Mobile can unlock it.

US Mobile SIM cards start at $3.99. If you purchase a device from the carrier or are a student, you will be eligible for a free SIM.

Customers can test the service risk-free for 30 days, 100 mins, or 100 texts.

You can “snooze” your US Mobile number for up to 3 months if you are traveling or don’t require phone service for any length of time. To maintain your line, you will only need to pay $2 per month.

US Mobile Coverage

US Mobile is able to offer better coverage than Mint Mobile because it uses both T-Mobile’s and Verizon’s LTE networks. You can choose the network that best suits your needs, depending on the compatibility of your phone and the coverage in your area. However, you may need to choose between the two. T-Mobile has made significant progress in recent years to surpass some carriers in certain areas. This means that most people will get excellent service on either network.

To find the best network for you, check your phone or search your zip code on US Mobile’s site. US Mobile does not have a map. It might be worthwhile to contact customer service to verify your address and the addresses of any places you might frequent, such as your office.

US Mobile Cell Phone Plans: Bottom Line

US Mobile, a relatively new MVNO provider, specializes in customizing plans. The coverage is great with high speeds and good range, while the plans are varied enough to satisfy everyone. This service is designed to help you save money and give you the exact services you require.

Although the selection of phones that can be purchased from US Mobile is limited, it is possible to bring phones from other countries. This MVNO is a contender for the top spot due to its smart adaptive AI and outstanding customer service.

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