Ultra Mobile Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile offers several data plans with features such as 5G, free international calling, and a mobile hotspot included with every plan.

Ultra Mobile, an MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network, focuses on providing great service options to those who want to stay in touch with family and friends around the globe. Ultra Mobile offers data at competitive rates, whether you are looking to purchase a month or a full year of service.

Ultra Mobile can be found at many retail locations across the country, as well as online and in international stores. Ultra Mobile can support both unlocked and locked devices from the U.S. by using the T-Mobile network.

Ultra Mobile Phone Plans

Ultra Mobile can be purchased online and in select partner stores. The Ultra Mobile app can be used to activate your existing phone service or set up a new SIM card. Ultra Mobile is available in the U.S.A and costs just $10 per month for its 250MB data plan.

The first month of service will be less expensive than the subsequent months, as it comes with a SIM Card. If you choose the 12-month payment, renewals will cost you a little more. Ultra Mobile allows you to choose the renewal plan that works best for your needs online or through the app.

Ultra Mobile Phone Plans

All Ultra Mobile plans come with unlimited talk to more than 80 countries. All plans can be added to add funds for international calls, texts, and roaming. Larger plans include some funds already. For example, the unlimited plan comes with $5 in international credit per month and the first month includes $5 in international roaming credit.


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Ultra Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile has the most coverage with its largest 5G network. With continued investment, 5G coverage will be extended to more than 280 million people.

T-Mobile’s 5G coverage is better than other carriers and offers a greater spectrum range thanks to its 2.5GHz Band N41. T-Mobile’s LTE coverage, while quite strong, is still not as good as its main competitors. This network should cover most people, although you might encounter dead zones in rural areas.

Ultra Mobile Cell Phone Plans: Bottom line

Ultra Mobile’s prepaid mobile plans have a purpose. As long as you understand what that purpose is, Ultra Mobile might be a good option for you. Ultra Mobile’s Prepaid Phone Plans are an option for those who visit the U.S. temporarily, don’t want to use their credit cards, or want to commit to a minimum of one month.

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