Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting is a great value for many people, especially light users that are looking for a plan that starts cheap but can still use data without getting too expensive.

Ting Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator, offers subscribers service over any of Verizon’s, Sprint’s, or T-Mobile networks. Ting provides the best customer service in the industry and is extremely user-friendly.

Ting does not offer fixed amounts of text, minutes, and data per month. Instead, fees are determined based on the actual usage each month. Although Ting is not a good deal for heavy data users it can be an excellent option for families who don’t need a lot of data.

Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting is unique among phone service providers in that customers only pay for what they use. Customers can choose to have fewer data, minutes, or texts depending on their usage requirements. This can be both beneficial and harmful. Customers can adjust their services to make them as affordable as possible. However, exceeding the allotment can quickly lead to high costs.

Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting’s calling plans have limits that are based on how many minutes you use. These range from $3 for 1-100 minutes to $35 for 2,100 minutes. Any call exceeding this limit will result in a charge of 1.9 cents per min. Texting plans can be similarly structured. Some cheap plans include $3 for 1-100 texts and $35 for 4,800 text messages per month. All text messages beyond the plan limit are charged 25 cents each.

While most customers won’t exceed these text and minute limits, those who use the phone to conduct business or send large volumes of texts a lot can find that additional costs can quickly mount up. For those who make very few phone calls or send and get text messages, Ting is the best option.

Ting Mobile Phone Plans

Ting also offers pricing by phone line. Ting can offer a very affordable plan for someone who does not make calls or sends text messages often but prefers wifi over data. The cost of a single phone line is $6 per monthly. The cost of a single phone line is $6 per month for large families and groups. 5 lines are $30 per month, with an additional $6 per device.


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What are the special features of Ting?

Ting will reimburse you for cancellation fees if you switch from another carrier. You’ll receive back 25% of what your carrier charges you, regardless of whether it’s an early termination fee and the balance on your phone. Your account credit is limited to $75. This is because many major carriers will offer credits worth hundreds of dollars to help cover switching fees.

Ting provides international calling and international roaming, which are features often overlooked by MVNOs. Ting claims that calls to 60+ countries are free, but some calls are charged extra for landlines.

Ting allows families to add additional lines for $6 each, which includes pooling minutes, text messages, and data. Consumer Cellular charges $10 for an additional line. This access fee is lower than Consumer Cellular’s $6. FreedomPop charges $5 per line for family plans.

Ting offers a great referral program that could prove useful for friends and family who need tech support. Refer a friend and get $25. The referral link will give you $50 for the first sign-up, $25 for each additional sign-up. Ting also sends an additional SIM card to you when you activate your account. This is so that you have a spare SIM card to give to anyone who might be interested in the service.

Ting Mobile Coverage

Ting Mobile runs on the networks of three of the largest mobile carriers, namely Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. You can enjoy lightning-fast LTE speeds, as well as fast 5G speeds if it’s available and you have a compatible SIM Card. If you want to travel outside of the country, Ting Mobile offers competitive international rates.

It’s important to be realistic about your expectations as the network is an MVNO. It does have a wide network coverage but data deprioritization is still a major factor in the network’s services. You can expect that your service may slow down at times, particularly if the network becomes congested. Important to remember that MVNOs’ data speeds will be slowed down by the networks they use in favor of customers who plan on using the major networks.

Ting Mobile has not yet released a coverage map showing the extent of their coverage. You can check whether the network is compatible in your area by visiting the Ting Mobile website. Enter your zip code or your area code to find out if service is available in your area.

This is also true for international calling and roaming rates. For international calling and roaming rates, you will need to visit Ting Mobile’s website. Input the country you are interested in and their rates should appear if they are available.

Ting Mobile Phone Plans: Bottom Line

If you are looking to switch phone companies, Ting is an excellent option. It’s easy to check if the device is compatible with their network using the compatibility checker.

Ting is family-friendly. Your individual service bill starts at $10 per month for text and talk, and $5 per gigabyte, which is an amazing deal. Instead of paying high monthly fees and high rates for data, you can pay only for what you use.

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