Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile saves you money by selling cell service in bulk. It also has strong support for unlocked phones, including 5G phones.

Mint Mobile, a prepaid wireless provider, was established by Ultra Mobile in 2016. Mint Mobile is a wholesale carrier that sells its plans in bulk. This makes them different from other carriers.

Mint Mobile plans come in three, six, and twelve-month options. Just like Costco, Mint Mobile plans can be purchased in three, six, and twelve-month packages. The more months you sign up upfront, the more savings you will get.

Three months of unlimited text/talk with 3GB data costs $45 per month, and 12 months of unlimited text/talk with 12GB data costs $240 per year ($20/month).

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile does not accept traditional contracts. You will need to pay upfront for the plan. It is available in three, six, or 12-month terms. Mint allows you to save more money by buying bulk. Mint Mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text. You can also choose to have unlimited talk and texts, as well as unlimited data and unlimited 4G LTE. Here are the details of Mint’s plans pricing.

Mint Mobile plans include free mobile hotspot data. However, it will eat up your monthly data allowance or limit you to 5GB for the unlimited plan. After you have used 35GB of unlimited data or the set amount, your speed will drop to 128Kbps the rest of the month. This is enough data to get basic data usage. However, you have the option to add 1GB or 3GB of data for $10 or $20 more. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile offers a $30 monthly introductory price on its unlimited plan. This brings its unlimited plan down to $30 per month. To keep paying this low price, however, you will need to sign up for 12 consecutive months after your initial three months. If your three-month period is up, your monthly bill will go up to $40 per calendar month for three more months or $35 per calendar month for six. Mint is most valuable if you can pay in advance.


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Mint Mobile Coverage

You might think that affordable prices mean you are sacrificing coverage. But that is not true. Mint Mobile is dependent on T-Mobile’s national network, which has only gotten stronger since the Sprint merger. You should ensure that your phone is compatible with this GSM network.

T-Mobile plans cost a lot more than Mint Mobile. T-Mobile’s Connect Prepaid plan is the lowest-priced, in order to compete with Mint Mobile and other MVNOs. Mint Mobile has a T-Mobile package that’s cheaper than Mint Mobile.

T-Mobile Connect Prepaid plans are available in two tiers. $15 per month for 2GB LTE data and $25 per month to 5GB. The 12-month Mint Mobile plan offers 4GB and 15GB of data at the same price. T-Mobile data limits do not limit data usage, but rather are caps that determine the speed at which data is slowed. Prices also don’t include taxes or fees.

Mint Mobile Cell Phone Plans: Bottom Line

Mint Mobile, a feature-rich, affordable MVNO that runs on T-Mobile’s ever-expanding network, is user-friendly and cost-effective. Mint Mobile is a great choice for you. Mint Mobile offers plans that range from 3GB to unlimited data and family plans that include up to 5 lines. You also have access to the T-Mobile 5G network which has the best coverage of all the major carriers. Your phone can seamlessly switch between T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network and the 5G network depending on which signal is strongest in your region.

Mint Mobile does not offer traditional 30-day plans. This could be a factor that may deter some people. Mint Mobile plans can be purchased in three-month, six-month, or 12-month increments. You must also pay upfront for the whole bundle, which can prove costly, especially if you choose a 12-month plan. You may prefer a traditional monthly phone plan. T-Mobile MVNOs such as Simple Mobile or Ultra Mobile is more affordable and offer international features.

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