Cricket Wireless Phone Plans

Cricket Wireless Phone Plans

Starting as low as to talk, text, and 2GB of data and going all the way up to unlimited. You can even save more with more lines.

Cricket Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is one of the most affordable and cost-effective options for saving money on your cell phone bill. You can expect reliable coverage and better pricing on your mobile service through Cricket Wireless.

A prepaid provider like Cricket Wireless won’t require you to have credit checks, unlike postpaid mobile providers. The listed prices will be the same as the actual price, and you won’t have to worry about any extra fees associated with certain cellphone plans. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the AT&T network without having to pay the high prices associated with major mobile providers.

Cricket Wireless is not only a member of the AT&T network; they have been a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T ever since 2014. You basically get the same infrastructure and lower costs as AT&T. However, there are trade-offs. AT&T places priority on its customers so you might experience slower data speeds when you use Cricket.

Cricket Wireless Phone Plans

Cricket plans are similar to other prepaid carriers, offering unlimited talk, text, and 2G speed data for all plans. The lowest plan costs $30 per month and offers 2GB of 8Mbps data. You can get $10GB of data by paying up to $40 per month You can also get this plan for $5 less by using autopay.

Two unlimited Cricket plans are available that will reduce the quality of your video streaming to 480p (1.5Mbps). This plan is $55 with autopay, which feels a little restrictive as the speed is limited to 8Mbps LTE. Although it is allowed, you can only use Mexico and Canada for 50% of your monthly usage. You can also text to 37 countries.

Cricket Wireless Phone Plans

At $60 per month, the top plan removes the speed limit and adds 15GB of hotspot data. The plan comes with 5G access, making it the best option for anyone looking to enjoy 5G speeds on their smartphone.


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Cricket Wireless Coverage

Cricket Wireless is able to reach a staggering 99 percent of Americans because it uses the AT&T network. Rural areas may experience some difficulties, but this is true for all networks. RootMetrics rates AT&T as the second-best US network, so it’s hard to beat unless Verizon is involved.

You should get reliable coverage for data, text, and talk. This will depend on where you live so make sure to check the Cricket Wireless coverage map to ensure you get the best coverage.

Cricket Cell Phone Plans: Bottom Line

Cricket Wireless is a reliable, affordable cellular provider that offers a strong, reliable network. Although the speeds may not be as fast as you would like, Cricket Wireless offers unlimited data at a very affordable price.

Are there any cheaper carriers? These are just a few. Do prepaid carriers offer faster downloads? Probably. Are there prepaid providers that offer better phone prices and deals? There are not many. Cricket Wireless is a solid wireless carrier.

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