Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular is very straightforward with simple multi-line savings and five standard data plans to choose from.

Consumer Cellular (MVNO, mobile virtual network operator) operates on two major networks, T-Mobile and AT&T. MVNOs, which are smaller wireless operators, operate on the four largest networks, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

Consumer Cellular plans to allow you to choose how much data, minutes, and texts you want each month. Consumer Cellular will charge overage fees if you use more data and minutes than your plan permits. Consumer Cellular plans don’t require you to sign any contracts. This means that you can move around as you wish.

Consumer Cellular has split its plans into two. Talk plans include talk time while Connect plans provide text and web data. Mix and match these two components to create a plan that suits your needs.

There are two options for talk plans. For $15 per month, you can get 250 minutes of talk. You can also get unlimited talk for $20 per month if you make more calls.

The Connect Plans have also changed and are now more flexible. Each option includes unlimited texting. Data allotments begin at 250MB per month for $5. The $20 Connect plan with its 5GB data and 3GB per month will suit those who use a lot of data. Consumer Cellular’s most costly Connect plan, which includes 20GB of data and unlimited texting, costs $40 per month.

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular plans are $15 per month. Adding texting and data costs only $5 more than the base plan. This means that you can get a smartphone with texting and mobile web for as low as $20 per month.

You should remember that many users will require more data than 500MB before you sign up. Even if you just look up a few items and use your phone to get directions while on the road, you’ll likely need more data than 500MB. Data can be shared with other phones on your plan.

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

If you plan to use Consumer Cellular abroad or at home, we recommend the $10 per-month 3GB data plan. If you are connected to WiFi at home, the data plan doesn’t apply.

The company will automatically upgrade you to the next plan if you review the details of the plan that you have chosen. Although this avoids overage fees, you might still pay an additional $10 per month. This gives you more data, and you can avoid overages month after month. You can always return to a smaller plan.

25GB is the largest data plan you can purchase. This is an increase from previous years and is in line with other “unlimited” plans from other carriers.


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Consumer Cellular Coverage

Consumer Cellular has excellent coverage using both AT&T as well as T-Mobile. T-Mobile was ranked first for coverage. AT&T came in fourth place, but it still provides excellent coverage. RootMetrics ranks AT&T first in performance, with T-Mobile in third. ranks AT&T first and T-Mobile second. This is all good news for Consumer Cellular. You should therefore benefit from both the speed and coverage of both networks throughout the US.

RootMetrics, which conducts tests in both big cities as well as in rural areas, has shown that Verizon is the clear leader. However, the combination of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon in third place shows that coverage should be good in cities.

Consumer Cellular won’t throttle data connections if your data limit has been reached. Instead, they will bump your plan to the next level. One exception is the 25GB plan. If you exceed this limit, your speeds will drop. However, you can contact the cell provider to inquire about purchasing more high-speed data.

Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans: Bottom line

Consumer Cellular has a variety of plans that will suit your needs, no matter if you only need text and talk or data. You can get up to three lines of AARP discount. Consumer Cellular is a great choice. These savings are not enough to offset the cost of these services.

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