Boost Mobile Phone Service Review

Boost Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers prepaid phone service using Sprint’s network. The argument for turning to a discount carrier is that you get a lower monthly bill by giving up the performance associated with one of the Big Four cell phone providers. Boost Mobile makes a pretty compelling case for that argument, providing solid customer service, a decent selection of phones and a number of compelling special features.

Boost Mobile Phone Plans

Boost Mobile revamped its plan offerings, keeping its compelling prices and adding an intriguing way to add on to your data allotment without increasing your bill. The carrier charges $35 a month for 3GB of data, though you can knock that price down to $30 by enrolling in autopay. More importantly, if you make on-time payments for three months, Boost gives you another 500MB of data. You can increase the size of your plan by as much as 3GB, Boost offers unlimited data for $50 a month.

Each Boost Mobile family plan makes it easier for couples and their children to stay within a budget, and still get the services they desire.

  • $35/mo: Unlimited talk, text, and 3 GB of data
  • $40/mo: Unlimited talk, text, and 4 GB of data
  • $45/mo: Unlimited talk, text, and 5 GB of data
  • >> Check out Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile offers 3 types of unlimited plans:

1- Unlimited Gigs: includes unlimited talk, text, and data with 8GB of hotspot plus Video streams at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500 Kbps, streaming cloud gaming at up to 2 Mbps, and Customers who use more than 35GB of data during a billing cycle will be de-prioritized during times & places where the Sprint network is constrained.

2- Boost Unlimited Plus: includes unlimited talk, text, and data with 20GB of hotspot plus Stream HD video up to 1080p, and Customers who use more than 35GB of data during a billing cycle will be de-prioritized during times & places where the Sprint network is constrained.

3- Ultimate Unlimited: includes unlimited talk, text, and data with 40GB of hotspot plus HD video streams up to 1080p, music up to 1.5 Mbps, gaming up to 8 Mbps, International Connect PLUS (international calling and text), TIDAL Premium, and Priority customer care service.

Boost Mobile Coverage

Boost Mobile uses the network of its parent company, Sprint, to deliver 4G speeds. And in our testing of six cities across the country, Boost’s download and upload speeds placed the carrier seventh among nine providers. Boost Mobile averaged download and upload speeds of 10.3 Mbps and 6 Mbps, respectively; that’s comparable to the averages of 11.2 Mbps down and 6.4 Mbps up for Sprint. It’s not much of a drop-off in performance, though Sprint was the worst performing of the four major carriers we tested.

Phone Selection

Boost Mobile offers a wide selection of affordable Android phones alongside the usual iPhones, Phone choices tend to be limited with discount carriers but Boost Mobiel defies that expectation to some extent and you can choose from around three dozen models overall.

Phones are available to be purchased outright at Boost’s website. You’ll need that kind of selection from Boost Mobile because the carrier lets you bring only select Sprint phones to use on its network. >> Check out Boost Mobile Phones

Customer Service

Boost Mobile doesn’t offer live chat, and the response time to tech support questions on social media left something to be desired. But don’t let that color your overall impression of Boost Mobile; only Cricket wireless provides better service among the prepaid carriers we evaluated.

During our undercover phone calls to Boost Mobile tech support, we enjoyed a pleasant and overall positive experience, once we waded through quite a few submenus. Boost Mobile also offers an online FAQ that supplies answers to nearly any customer service question you could think of.

Special Features

In addition to its monthly plans, Boost Mobile offers add-ons for international calling. Starting at $5 per month, plans for calls and texts to Canada and Mexico can be added to any plans, and per-minute bundles for most other countries start at $3.

Boost Mobile also offers several extras for all consumers. Unlimited Music Streaming offers the ability to stream music for free without it counting your data limit. This is available through services like Spotify, iHeartRatio, Pandora, Slacker, Napster, and 8Tracks. BoostTV offers 24/7 access to premium live and on-demand video content, and packages start at $10 per month. Additional LTE data can be purchased at $5 per 1GB.

Boost’s unlimited plan streams video at 480p by default. A $20 add-on offers unlimited HD video streaming. The $50 unlimited plan also includes unlimited calls and texts to & from Mexico, and up to 8GB of data roaming in Mexico (this is a limited time offer).