Boost Mobile Phone Plans

Boost Mobile Phone Plans

If you have great T-Mobile coverage, Boost Mobile has a plan for everyone that offers plenty of data, great international calling, and roaming options.

Boost Mobile is a great prepaid option for customers who don’t like the idea of being tied to one provider for a long contract period. While many things have changed since Sprint, under which Boost Mobile lives now, merged with T-Mobile in order to preserve the brand’s integrity as we move into the new mobile age, there are still many factors that have remained the same.

Boost Mobile Phone Plans

Dish acquired Boost Mobile and began offering plans on T-Mobile’s network (which merged into the old Sprint network). On Boost Mobile, the Sprint network is called the Nationwide Network. The T-Mobile network is called the Expanded Network. Boost Mobile offers four plans that offer multi-line savings on its Nationwide Network. For $35 per month, you can get 6GB of data for a “Walmart Customer Exclusive”, which gives you 3GB and allows you to save an additional $35. Below is a comparison of each of Boost’s Nationwide plans.

The Expanded Network plan from Boost Mobile offers a little more flexibility. It starts at 1GB data for $10 per month and goes up to 35GB for $50 or $60 per month depending on how much hotspot data you need. Shrink-It is also available on this network. The Shrink-It! plan discount starts at $45 per month with 15GB data but drops to $35 per month after six on-time payments. Affordable Family plans are also available. They offer 12GB of high-speed data per line, before things slow down, and cost $80 each for two lines.

Boost Mobile Phone Plans

The two largest unlimited plans from Boost Mobile offer 35GB of high-speed data. The $50 plan includes 12GB mobile hotspot data as well as SD streaming. The $60 plan adds HD streaming and mobile hotspot data up to 30GB. This unlimited plan is great because you can add another line for $20 cheaper than the first ($40/month). The good news about this network is that almost all plans will allow you to access 5G, provided you have a compatible device.


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Boost Mobile International Services

One drawback to Boost Mobile’s plans, however, is the inability to access international data. It will cost you to call Canada, Mexico, or any other country. Todo Mexico Plus offers unlimited text and talk to Mexico as well as unlimited calls to Canada. For a trip south, you can take 8GB with you.

International Connect Plus plans are more expensive and offer roaming access to unlimited landline calls to 70 different countries, as well as 200 minutes of mobile calling in 50 other countries. International Connect Plus offers rates up to 200 destinations if you need to call another country or use up your minutes.

Boost Mobile Coverage

Boost Mobile utilizes the Sprint network to provide coverage. Boost Mobile started offering coverage on the Extended Network (which uses T-Mobile) on May 13, 2020. Extended Network plans offer additional features such as VoLTE access and 5G access.

Boost Mobile Phone Plans: Bottom Line

All Boost Mobile plans have no service contracts and Boost includes taxes, fees, and all prices are the best. Unlimited calls and texts are available even with tiered data plans. Boost Mobile offers a rewards program called Boost Perks. This includes competitions to enter and discounts at restaurants and shops, as well as exclusive perks.

Boost utilizes the T-Mobile network for coverage. This means that Boost has the best 5G coverage, at least in selected cities, and the most extensive 4G coverage across the entire US.

Boost, however, can experience slow speeds if T-Mobile’s network becomes congested. However, this is a common practice for MVNOs. 5G is not available to all Boost Mobile customers at the moment — this is another reason to look at Boost Mobile.

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