Best Unlimited Data Plans

The benefits of unlimited data plans are manifold. First of all, if you are somebody that uses a lot of data or the internet on your phone, you can save a lot of money. Most plans try to charge you by the minute or by the amount of space you use while surfing the net. Finding unlimited data plans can go a long way in saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of the year.

The great news is that a lot of prepaid cell phone plans contain an unlimited data plan, you can also include the reality of understanding how much you will be billed monthly, in addition to not need to be worried about losing your data flow to the billing division.

One of the best aspects of unlimited data plans is the ability to travel with your phone and the internet at all times. There are many situations where unlimited data plans are very helpful for your convenience and support. The availability of cheap data can be useful when you are doing a number of things throughout the city.

The Best Unlimited Data Plans Available in 2018


t-mobile logo

T-Mobile’s unlimited plan offers the most GB for using your phone as a hotspot. The single line unlimited plan includes unlimited minutes, texts, and data with 14 GB for your mobile hotspot. The plan is currently priced at $95 a month with a $20 activation fee.

The greatest benefit from T-Mobile’s unlimited plan is the amount of GB you get for your mobile hotspot. You get 14 GB a month with their single line unlimited plan. T-Mobile has a big network of coverage. Check your area to see if T-Mobile is the best plan for you to get unlimited data.

  • Unlimited data plan: $75/mo
  • Includes: Unlimited talk, text, and data & Unlimited mobile hotspot data & Unlimited Talk and text in Mexico & Canada


verizon logo

Verizon is a great alternative for families who want flexible data plans plus they have the best service in rural areas across the country. Verizon’s family plans range in size from 2 GB to unlimited data depending on how much data you need. From there you add the number of devices you want up to 10 lines. The unlimited plan is a recent addition, and it starts at $80 a month for a single line to $30 per line for 10 lines. All Plans includes unlimited talk and text. Prices include a charge for the data plus a $20 line access charge.

  • Unlimited data plan: $75/mo (Save $20 for each additional line)
  • Includes: Unlimited talk, text, and data & Unlimited mobile hotspot data & Unlimited Talk to Mexico & Canada & Unlimited Text to over 200 international destinations.


AT&T Logo

AT&T has two different unlimited data plans: Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice. The unlimited plus plan starts at $90 a month for a single line and $145 for two lines plus $20 for each additional lines while the unlimited choice plan begins at $60 a month because it has some limitation with data speed which it crapped at 3 M/s and $115 a month for two lines and $20 for each additional lines, keep in mind once you hit 22 GB in a month you notice a slow data speed.

  • Unlimited data plan: $60/mo
  • Includes: Unlimited talk and text in the U.S. & Unlimited talk & text to Mexico & Canada & Unlimited text from the U.S. to over 100 countries


sprint logo

Sprint offers an unlimited plan that includes unlimited minutes, texts, and data. The plan also offers 3 GB to use your device as a hot spot each month. There is an activation fee of $30. The monthly rate for this plan is $75. This is a nice $20 savings over T-Mobile’s plan.

This plan with Sprint is a huge value for people who use a lot of data. Sprint offers a wide range of coverage in its network. You can also add more lines to this plan. Everyone on this plan will get unlimited data. Each line will cost an additional $60 a month.

  • Unlimited data plan: $60/mo
  • Includes: Unlimited talk and text  & HD streaming video & 10GB of hotspot data.

Boost Mobile

boost mobile logo

With Boost Mobile you can have a single line plan with unlimited minutes, text, and data. This plan is a great price at $60 a month. There is no activation fee with Boost Mobile so that can help you save money when you sign up. The plan also offers 8 GB for using your phone as a hotspot.

Boost Mobile has one of the best unlimited plans when compared to Sprint. One of the great benefits is that Boost Mobile offers the same network coverage as Sprint because they use Sprint’s network. Ask your local Boost Mobile if you can activate your Sprint phone and save yourself some money by not having to purchase a new phone.

  • Unlimited data plan: $50/mo
  • Includes: Unlimited talk, text, and data &  mobile hotspot data

Cricket Wireless

cricket wireless logoCricket Wireless has recently joined the mix of carriers that offer unlimited data. For $55 ($50 if you sign up for auto pay) a month you can get unlimited data. Since Cricket uses AT&T’s network this is a good offer. You can get 4GLTE speeds at a great price. With this plan, you also get unlimited talk, text and even unlimited international texting to thirty-eight countries. It’s easy to see why Cricket Wireless has become a great contender in the competitive market of mobile carriers.

  • Unlimited data plan: $55/mo
  • Includes: Unlimited talk, text, and data & Unlimited mobile hotspot data

Metro PCS

metropcs logo

Metro PCS has a no contract needed an unlimited data plan for only $50 a month. It includes unlimited talk and text and 4G LTE coverage. Since they use T-Mobile’s network, this is a great money saving option if you have good coverage in your area with T-Mobile.

  • Unlimited data plan: $50/mo
  • Includes: Unlimited talk, text, and data &  Mobile hotspot data

If you want to save money on your phone bill then the best way to do so is through family unlimited data plans. These days it is increasingly important to do business on the phone and has your email or internet available at any time of the day. People who need these capabilities can’t afford to have different and greatly varied costs on a monthly basis, but instead, need a fixed cost that allows them to do their work normally and without question. For this, unlimited data plans are obviously the way to go.

If you spend lots of time on the internet and travel for many hours during the week then unlimited data plans might be for you. Instead of spending different amounts every month, it is far more useful for you to simply pay the amount you want to pay at a fixed rate and then be done with it. Having unlimited data plans can help you save hundreds of dollars every year so there is no reason to delay!

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