Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans For Getting Started

Communication is an essential part of any kind of business, and in order to succeed you will need the right tools to perform the job. Choosing the best business cell phone plan is a critical part of handling your business and reducing the costs. But with so many competition business cell phone plans on the market, it can be hard to find the right plan that will fit your needs. Getting the best cell phone service for your company means evaluating your needs and setting your priorities.

Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans

AT&T: Small Business Cell Phone Plans

business cell phone plans
best small business cell phone plans 

AT&T – AT&T provides a host of phone systems for small businesses. The company Synapse plan is an on-premise cell phone system for small businesses with up to 100 users. This business phone solution contains customizable hold, call transfers, voicemail recordings and an auto-attendant. It also offers conferencing features and unified messaging tools. AT&T Ring Central [email protected] is a cloud-based system that has conferencing, advanced call handling, voicemail, on-hold music, toll-free numbers, auto attendants, multiple extensions and dial-by-name directories.

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Axvoice: Business Cell Phone Plans


best small business cell phone plans
small business cell phone plans

Axvoice – Axvoice is a cloud-based system created for independent business owners, home office professionals and single-office. The service offers more than 30 outbound and inbound calling features, including call filtering, caller ID blocking, caller ID, anonymous call rejection, music on hold, simultaneous ringing and do-not-disturb options. In addition, the service lets a business employees to handle their voice mails over the web.

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Avaya: Best Business Cell Phone Plans


small business cell phone plans

Avaya – Avaya provides many different phone systems that include video and voice communications. The system’s simple calling features contain auto-attendant, voicemail recordings, call holds and call transfers. Avaya’s one-X Communicator allows employees access quick messaging tools. Conferencing, video and voicemail, the Avaya systems, which support up to 2,000 users, also provide mobile choices that let employees to gain access to video and voice communications from mobile devices.

Best Small Business Internet Service Providers

Mediacom: Business Internet Service Providers

best business internet service providers
small business internet service providers 

Mediacom lists a spot among the best business internet service providers simply because they provide a large selection of cable Internet plans to fit businesses of any size. Small businesses are able to survive with their Regular or Plus plans, providing high speed at 10 Mbps and 5 Mbps, respectively. Larger sized enterprises might want to look into the Ultra 105 plan which offers high speed at 105 Mbps that can support more users. Mediacom also lets users to package their Internet with TV, phone, as well as music services, which can be very helpful for several types of businesses. The only issue with Mediacom is the excessive pricing, as their services price much more than any company, which may be a problem if you are planning to run on a small budget. Get Details

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Charter Communications: Small Business Internet Service Providers

small business internet service providers
best business internet service providers

Charter Communications is an excellent option for small businesses searching for an Internet service that provides a number of high-speed Web packages at affordable prices. At Charter, you are able to choose among 30, 50, and 100 Mbps download rates, according to the speed you need along with the number of devices that need to be connected to the Internet at the same time. If you are also interested in receiving TV service or phone at your company location, you can check into Charter’s package offers for businesses.

These packages could be a very handy way to save some extra cash; in addition, you plan only with one company and one bill. With so many Internet service plans, Charter Communications can certainly fit the needs of any size business and earns itself a spot on the list of best business Internet service providers. Get Details

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Remember, small business pricing does not only apply to Wireless. Most of the large telecom offer small business costs on all their products, including internet and cable. In addition, these types of plans usually offer even bigger package discounts compared to normal consumers have access to.

Take some time to research and contact the respective telecom that provide small business plans. A short time spent negotiating your best small business plan with the ideal call center representative can save you hundreds of dollars a month.


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