Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

best prepaid cell phone plans

The 7 Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans in 2021

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a great phone plan. Prepaid plans allow you to avoid signing a contract and limit how much money you spend on your phone. There are many affordable options available. Prepaid plans often include unlimited calls, texts, and data.

To find the right prepaid plan for you, it is important to compare all options.

First, decide how much money you are willing to spend. Next, calculate how much data you will need. Then, estimate how many texts and calls you make each month. You can then compare prices. There is a significant difference between the major carriers, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and their smaller counterparts. All of the smaller carriers work in tandem with the Big Four carriers and offer prepaid options. Often, these plans are more affordable than those offered by the major carriers. Attention to the details. Cheap deals can limit access and speed, so it is worth paying attention. All carriers offer autopay discounts at a monthly discount.

If you are interested in exploring a pre-paid option, here are some options. There is no single best plan, and carriers often change their offers. Below are the best prepaid cell phone plans available in 2021

Best Unlimited Plan: Visible

visible logo

Visible offers one service plan, so there is no variety. It’s an excellent option, as you get unlimited data at $40 per month on Verizon’s LTE network. This network was the best in our testing.

Visible had a cap on data speeds at the time that it launched, but this restriction has been lifted. This means that you can still enjoy Verizon’s full network power, with speeds slowing if the network becomes too busy. This is the standard operating procedure for networks such as Visible that use other carriers’ towers to provide coverage. Visible now offers 5G service through Verizon’s coverage. Visible users can access 5G free of charge using the iPhone 12, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 5G.

Visible offers the most affordable prepaid cell phone plan options, and families will love the generous discounts that you get as you add lines. Visible offers unlimited data for $35 per line, and a family of four only pays $100 each month. That’s a savings of $25 per line. Visible Party Plan doesn’t just cover people who live at the same address. It can also be used to cover roommates, distant relatives, and friends. Referring customers can help you save $5 per month.

Visible started as an iPhone-only carrier. However, it added Android phones to its portfolio, including flagships such as the Galaxy S21 or Pixel 5, and budget options like the Pixel 4a. After you have paid 50% off your phone, you can switch to an early upgrade program that allows you to get a new device. Visible also allows you to bring your own device.

visible phone plans

  • Price: Plans start at $40 per month.
  • Multi line Discount: $35 per line for 2 people, $30 for 3 people and $25 for 4 people
  • Data Options: Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free mobile hotspot and Free calls to Mexico and Canada


Check out Visible Plans


Most Popular Choice: Tello Mobile

tello logo

Tello is a popular choice for people looking for the best prepaid cell phone plans. Tello allows you to customize your plan to suit your needs. You can choose how many minutes, text, and data you want to make your life easier and more affordable.

Tello’s customized plans make it a great choice for light users. For $8 per month, all you need is to talk and text. Tello allows you to call Canada, Mexico, and China. This makes it an excellent option for people who want to stay in touch with their loved ones. There is no better or more cost-effective way for Grandma to contact her family back in these countries than Tello.

Tello’s plans can be customized so you can add data whenever you need it. There is an unlimited option that allows for up to 25GB of high-speed data and you have the ability to do this with Tello. A hotspot is included in data plans. Tello allows you to upgrade or downgrade any plan at any moment. This means you don’t have to worry about under- or overbuying your plan when you create it. It’s still worth looking at your last bill for an idea of how you use it.

There are no hidden fees, activation fees, or early termination fees. You can always cancel your chosen plan if you are unhappy with it.

tello mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $5 per month
  • Data Options: Data range from 1GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free mobile hotspot access, free calls to 60+ Countries, and free calls to Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania.
  • Limited Time Offer: Get 25% OFF for 6 Months


View Tello Mobile Plans


Best Value for Money: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile logo

Another great option to consider when looking for best prepaid cell phone plans for kids is Total Mobile. Mint offers great network performance on T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G networks. Mint Mobile has four basic plans that offer 4GB, 10GB, or 15GB of data, as well as unlimited (35GB) high-speed data. Mint Mobile plans include unlimited text and talk in the USA, as well as free calls to Canada and Mexico. Where 5G is available, Ultra Capacity 5G is free. This plan also includes 5GB of hotspot data that you can share with other devices.

Mint claims that most people don’t require unlimited data. However, signing up for the unlimited plan will prove this thanks to unlimited. Mint Mobile will recommend which plan is best for you when it comes to renewing. Mint Mobile offers another way to save by offering big discounts to customers who buy six- or twelve months of service upfront. You can test Mint for three months at the 12-month rate if you aren’t sure.

Mint Mobile offers international roaming and international calling at varying rates per country. If you are traveling to the United Kingdom, for example, calls cost $0.25 per minute and texts cost $0.05 per message. Data costs $0.20 per megabyte. For landlines, calling rates are $0.01 per minute. You can add funds in increments of $5, $10, and $20 to your roaming balance. Although it’s great that this is available, you might want to consider switching to a SIM that offers better roaming service if your travels are frequent.

Mint Family allows you to bring your whole family on Mint Mobile. Mint Family allows you to manage all lines from one account. You can also choose the plan that makes the most sense for you. However, there is no multi-line discount. Mint Mobile supports almost any unlocked phone through the T-Mobile network. If you have paid for your phone, you may be able to bring it to Mint.

mint mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $15 per month.
  • Data Options: Data range from 4GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free mobile hotspot and Free calls to Mexico and Canada

Check out Mint Mobile Plans

Most Customizable Plans: US Mobile

us mobile logo

US Mobile is an excellent option if you need to add three or more lines of service to your plan. You’ll be covered regardless of which phone you have, as coverage is available on both the Verizon LTE network and T-Mobile network. US Mobile lets you customize a plan to suit your needs. You can also upgrade to unlimited plans.

Family plans from US Mobile are a great choice for many families as you get unlimited service and the option to activate high-speed data. Your account will receive a $10 discount for each additional line, and lines 3 through 4 are $20 cheaper than the first. The unlimited plan from US Mobile is limited to 5Mbps data speeds but can be upgraded for $5 per month to unlock higher data speeds. This is a great way to save money if you don’t need to have a lot of speed on each line.

US Mobile will also include a subscription for a streaming service such as Netflix, Disney Plus, or Spotify. You can add another subscription if you add a fourth line. With so many lines connected to US Mobile, it’s easy to get tons of value.

US mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $10 per month.
  • Data Options: 1GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free subscriptions like Disney+ and Spotify Premium


Check out US Mobile Plans


Best for Heavy Data Users: Google Fi

google fi logo

Google Fi is a cheap prepaid phone service that offers unlimited calls and texts to the United States at a flat $20 per month. Google Fi’s Flexible plan charges $10 per GB at the end of each month. This is in contrast to traditional carriers that offer set plans. You only pay for what you use. It is easy to calculate your bill from the beginning, making budgeting easy.

Google Fi’s Simply Unlimited Tier starts at $60 per month for a single line, $45 for 2 lines, and $30 to 3-6 lines. Unlimited Plus adds additional perks such as free international data. It starts at $70 per month for one line, $60 per line for two lines, $50 per line for three lines, and $45 per line on four to six lines.

Only a few Android-based phones are available. iPhone users are out of luck. However, if you’re okay with the selection, Google Fi runs on both Sprint and T-Mobile networks to provide nationwide 4G LTE or 5G coverage.

google di phone plans

  • Price: Plans start at $20 per month.
  • Multi line Discount: $18 per line for 2 people, $17 for 3 people and $17 for 4 people
  • Data Options: Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free hotspot tethering, Free Calls to Canada & Mexico, and Free International texts & calls while traveling outside the US, Canada & Mexico


Check out Google Fi Plans


Best Prepaid Plans: Cricket Wireless

cricket wireless logo

Cricket Wireless is one of the best prepaid cell phone plans in the market. Cricket started out with modest beginnings but is now a major player among low-cost, non-contract mobile providers. Cricket Mobile is owned by AT&T and offers cheaper plans and services than its parent company.

You can choose from a variety of prepaid plans starting at $30 per month, which includes unlimited text and talk as well as 2GB of high-speed internet. Unlimited talk and text plans that include 5GB of data are available for $40 per month. You can save $5 per month with Cricket Wireless by signing up for auto-pay. You can also bring your phone, as long as it is compatible with the AT&T network.

cricket wireless plans

  • Price: Plans start at $30 per month.
  • Data Options: 2GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: HD Voice & Wi-Fi Calling, Unlimited texts from the U.S. to 37 countries, Mexico and Canada usage (Canada usage cannot exceed 50%), 150GB Cloud Storage and Mobile Hotspot


Check out Cricket Wireless Plans


Best No Contract Plans: FreedomPop

FreedomPop logo

Freedompop is a leading provider of mobile phones that offer seniors genuine free options. Their services use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which is the same technology used to communicate with Skype. Freedompop is trusted and economically viable because it piggybacks on top-tier providers’ networks. Freedompop is powered by the Alcatel Conquest LTE phone, which can be purchased via Freedompop for $49.9. The basic package includes 200 minutes of talk and text free when you buy the phone through Freedompop. You can upgrade to the 55+ plan for $24.4 per month, which is only for seniors. It includes limited text and calls options, as well as 2GB of data.

The 500MB data allowance in the free plan is included, while the 55+ plan includes 2GB of data, unlimited texting, and calls. The provider offers a variety of data options, ranging from $3.99 to $79.99 per month for seniors who use large amounts of data. This plan is non-contractual and you can cancel it at any time. Upgrades to 55+ plans will get VIP support. Users also have the option to downgrade to the free plan at any time. This plan is ideal for people with tight budgets who need a low-cost phone plan.

freedompop phone plans

  • Price: Plans start at $15 per month.
  • Multi line Discount: $60 per line for 2 people, $45 for 3 people and $35 for 4 people
  • Data Options: 1GB to 10GB
  • Talk & Text: 250 minutes to Unlimited
  • Perks: Free Unlimited WiFi calls


Check out FreedomPop Plans



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