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best cell phone plans

 The 7 Best Cell Phone Plans for 2021

Sometimes, we don’t feel that we need all of the cell phone plans offered by carriers. Some people might only require the data plan, considering that we no longer use the SMS text or phone calls. Instead, we use WhatsApp to text and make phone calls. There are still people who use text and phone plans without needing much of the internet data plan.

It will be better to be able to choose the best plan for us than to spend money on something that we won’t use. The carrier offers two types of plans: the contract cell phone plans and the no-contract or pre-paid plans. The main difference between the two plans is their flexibility. Contract plans usually have a limit on how much clients can use. Clients who exceed their limits will be charged more for overbalancing.

Clients with no-contract cell phones plans will still be able to buy another plan at any time. Another advantage is that if you need to travel for a while, you won’t have to worry about your bills. Don’t forget to mention that if you cancel a contract before it ends, you will be charged a fine. However, this is not the case with the no-contract plan.

Which cell phone plan is best for you? The contract plan is for you if you’re willing to pay the annual contract. If you do not feel that any contract plan is right for you, then you can go with the no-contract phone plans. You can also bring your own cell phone. If you’re a visitor, the contract plan is your best option. Many phone carriers offer the best cell phone plans, including Tello and Visible. Below are the top 7 most popular cell phone plans

Best Overall: Tello Mobile

tello logo

Our pick for the best cell phone plans goes to Tello. Tello is a prepaid operator that uses the T-Mobile network. Although the carrier used Sprint previously, activations on Tello will now be made using the T-Mobile network. As long as you own a 5G smartphone, the T-Mobile network offers 5G data. All Tello plans are able to be manually configured using a combination of data and minutes. All plans include unlimited texting.

The Economy plan comes with 1GB of high-speed data and unlimited minutes. You can also customize the Economy plan with less or more data, just like any Tello plan. Tello allows you to upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you have a need for data, it is possible to get up to 25GB of data at a reasonable price. Tello allows you to use as much of your data as you wish for tethering (mobile Hotspot).

Unfortunately, Tello does not support international roaming. You will need another SIM if your plans include traveling. Tello allows free calls to Canada and Mexico, China, Romania, and Romania. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make international calls. Tello allows you to call and send text messages to other countries at different rates. Although calls start at less than a penny per minute, some countries can be more costly so check to make sure your country is supported before you sign up.

tello mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $5 per month
  • Data Options: Data range from 1GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free mobile hotspot access, free calls to 60+ Countries, and free calls to Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania.
  • Limited Time Offer: Get 25% OFF for 6 Months


View Tello Mobile Plans


Best Coverage: Xfinity Mobile

xfinity mobile logo

Xfinity Mobile may be the best phone plan for you. It offers simple options that are affordable and also has a lot of features. This service is very similar to Google Fi. It will switch automatically from WiFi to Mobile Data even if it isn’t your WiFi. Xfinity Mobile uses Comcast’s Xfinity WiFi hotspots. There are many hotspots across the country, where Comcast has millions of customers. Xfinity WiFi goes back to Verizon when it is unavailable. Xfinity Mobile will provide a great network.

Xfinity Mobile offers two plans. You have two options: Pay by the gig or Unlimited.

Pay by the Gig allows you to pay $15 per month for your first gig. 3GB costs $30 and 10GB is $60. It’s cheaper than Google Fi.

Unlimited is the other option. Unlimited data is available for $45 per month. Xfinity Mobile warns that users who exceed 20GB of data per month may experience slower speeds. This is a good amount of data at $45 per month.

These prices do not include equipment, taxes, or fees. Both plans include unlimited talk and text. The best thing about Xfinity Mobile? You can mix and match. Two lines can share 10GB of data, and you can add one unlimited line for $105 per monthly. There is no other carrier that offers three lines for $105/month.

If you don’t have the most recent and greatest smartphones or the fastest network, this is a great choice. This is because not all phones work on Xfinity Mobile. While many phones work, there are still some that don’t. You may be able to bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile to use.

xfinity mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $15 per month.
  • Multi line Discount: $40 per line for 2 people, $33.33 for 3 people and $30 for 4 people
  • Data Options: 1GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free access to 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots


Check out Xfinity Mobile Plans


Best Unlimited Plan: Visible

visible logo

Visible is another popular option for those looking for the best cell phone plans. Visible works on Verizon’s network, so you get the reliability of a major carrier at a low price. Visible is $40 per month and offers unlimited text, talk, and data usage. There are no taxes or hidden fees. It only charges one flat rate. Visible’s “friends-and-family” plan is now Party Pay. You’ll only pay $25 per month if you join or create a “party”, which can consist of four lines.

The main attraction of the carrier is its streaming capabilities. With speeds up to 5-12 Mb/s, you can stream video at 480p and get super-fast wireless connections. Visible’s data plan turns your phone into an unlimited hotspot so you can access unlimited data on any device.

Visible also supports all Apple models, including the 6/6s and the 12 iterations of the iPhone, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, SE, and S9+. As long as your phone meets Visible’s compatibility requirements, and has received the most recent software updates, you can either purchase a new device or keep your existing one.

visible phone plans

  • Price: Plans start at $40 per month.
  • Multi line Discount: $35 per line for 2 people, $30 for 3 people and $25 for 4 people
  • Data Options: Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free mobile hotspot and Free calls to Mexico and Canada


Check out Visible Plans


Best for seniors: Twigby

twigby logo

You are looking for an easy-to-use phone plan that offers great coverage and flexibility? Twigby offers affordable plans starting at $9 per month, before discounts.

Twigby offers affordable plans and also has some great discounts for new customers. For the first six months, customers can save 50% on the sticker price A bare-bones plan that includes no data and 300 minutes will cost you $4.50 per month for the first half-year. For the first six months, a more generous plan that includes 10GB of data and unlimited minutes is only $21.50 per month.

Twigby plans include international calling, texting, WiFi calling, and texting. You can also use a hotspot for no additional charge. Twigby will sell you phones, or you can bring your own device if it is compatible.

Twigby does not offer unlimited data plans, unlike many other competitors. You can only purchase 10GB of data as part of a plan. Twigby may not be the best choice for people who use their phones frequently without access to WiFi.

Twigby has a great selection of plans that are affordable and offer excellent customer service. Twigby, unlike other big-name mobile service providers, is honest about pricing and plans.

twigby phone plans

  • Price: Plans start at $19 per month
  • Data Options: Data range from 1GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: International calling and texting, No hotspot/tethering charges, and Free international texting to over 180 countries
  • Limited Time Offer: Get 50% OFF for 6 Months


Check out Twigby Plans


Best for Your Budget: Ting Mobile

ting logo

Ting’s flexible pricing structure makes it attractive to customers who are willing to pay only for what they use. They place all services in pricing buckets so that customers can move between them as their needs change.

To give you an example, $6 per month to keep a device active, $3 per month to use 1-100 minutes, $3 per Month for 1-100 text messages, $3 per Month for 1-100 megabytes data, and $3 per Monat for 1-100 texts. As you use more data and minutes, the price will rise. For example, 101-500 minutes cost $9 per month while 101-500 megabytes cost $12 per month.

This pricing structure ensures that you don’t pay more than you use. This can be a huge benefit to those who only need a phone in an emergency. There are no contracts or commitments.

ting mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $10 per month.
  • Data Options: $5 per additional 1GB
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free hotspot tethering


Check out Ting Plans


Best for Light Users: Republic Wireless

republic wireless logo

Republic Wireless is one of the best cell phone plans in the market. Republic Wireless is a top non-contract mobile phone company in the industry. This provider offers plans that allow clients to make calls and send SMSes via WIFI. You can also use the cellular network if you’re not in close proximity to a Wi-Fi spot.

Republic Wireless is an MVNO (Multiple Virtual Network Operator) like other top-rated cell phone plans for seniors. To provide reliable coverage, the plan relies on T-Mobile and Sprit as its leading networks. The company strives to offer a competitive rating for its plans. To attract new clients, they offer promotional offers to keep existing ones happy. Clients can get two months of free service on the 1GB plan if they activate a service line and transfer their phone number within 30 days.

republic wireless plans

  • Price: Plans start at $15 per month.
  • Data Options: $5 per additional 1GB (up to 15GB)
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Use your phone and data as a hotspot


Check out Republic Wireless Plans


Best Customized Plans: US Mobile

us mobile logo

If you’re a light user, US Mobile can be very affordable. US Mobile does not offer a set of plans. Instead, each customer can create exactly what they want. To see how much you are using your phone, you can access your bill and choose the best phone plan. US Mobile offers a completely unlimited plan starting at $40 You can also add 20GB hotspot data for $10 more

If you have service on the Verizon or T-Mobile networks, it’s very likely that you will be covered by US Mobile. You can choose from a variety of free services, such as Disney+, Apple TV, or PS Plus if you bring three or four lines. This is a great way for you to save money if you are already paying.

You can make a very affordable plan if you plan well and make good use of Wi-Fi networks to get data. Notable is the fact that US Mobile still sells flip phones.

US mobile plans

  • Price: Plans start at $10 per month.
  • Data Options: 1GB to Unlimited
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Perks: Free subscriptions like Disney+ and Spotify Premium


Check out US Mobile Plans



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