Best Family Cell Phone Plans

Family plans offer the most convenient want to cut down cell phone bill or keep your family connected under only one single bill.

Family plans often have special features and include lower prices, depending on the type of phone you purchase and the number of minutes you need. Determining your needs ahead of time allows you to find the best family cell phone plans available.

Most of the companies that are involved in the cell phone industry do offer family cell phone plans as a way to help in minimizing this cost of using the cell phones. It would involve you and your family members being signed up in a single account, and you would enjoy minimized costs on your cell phone usage. Here are our top picks for best Family cell phone plans in 2018.

T-Mobile One

t-mobile logo

T-Mobile offers a great family plan for a family of four. Of course, when getting a family plan you can do a plan for as few as two lines or up to 10 lines. T-Mobile’s family plan priced for four lines is $140 a month.

T-Mobile Unlimited plans which called T-Mobile One and is the cheapest if you go family, Additional lines can be added to a T-Mobile ONE plan. Every line has the same benefits.

The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data on the nation’s fastest LTE network in the US, Canada, and Mexico, as well as free data roaming in 140+ countries.

T-Mobile ONE plans also include tax and all the other assorted fees in the price. Your monthly bill will be exactly what the plan costs.

  • 1 Line: $70/line
  • 2 Lines:$60/line ($120/mo)
  • 3 Lines:$50/line ($150/mo)
  • 4 Lines:$40/line ($160/mo)

Verizon Go/Beyond Unlimited

verizon logo

Verizon offers an unlimited family plan for a family of four at the cost of $160 a month which offers unlimited talk, text, and data, plus unlimited calling and text to Canada and Mexico. you can attach up to 10 lines, along with up to 20 connected devices. The plans unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico plus HD video streaming and Mobile Hotspot.

For example: If you have a family of 4 members your cost is $180 per month ($100 account fee + $20 x 4 lines). If you need just 2 lines, that would be $140 per month ($100 account fee + $20 x 2 lines). If you want 8 lines, that would be $260 per month ($100 account fee + $20 x 8 lines).

  • 1 Line: $75/line
  • 2 Lines:$65/line ($130/mo)
  • 3 Lines:$50/line ($150/mo)
  • 4 Lines:$40/line ($160/mo)

Sprint Unlimited Freedom

sprint logoSprint offers great family plans for a family of four with Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data, It also includes 10GB of data usage for mobile hotspot per line plus HD streaming video. you can pay your phone full price or bring your own phone.

Sprint unlimited is designed for families, additional lines can be added to a Sprint Unlimited plan. Every line has the same benefits. There are few extras and add-ons available if you want international options or a few extra features.

  • 1 Line: $60/line
  • 2 Lines:$50/line ($100/mo)
  • 3 Lines:$33/line ($100/mo)
  • 4 Lines:$25/line ($100/mo)

AT&T Unlimited Choice/Plus

AT&T LogoAT&T offers a family of four a shared data plan that includes 15GB for $160 a month. The best deal with AT&T is to get the 15GB a month to share because the monthly access fee is lower. The family plan offers a high-data option with 15GB for $100 a month. Each phone is then charged an access fee of $15 a month. This is the lowest access fee of all the carriers. AT&T’s network is second only to Verizon’s so if you get good AT&T coverage, this might be the plan for you.

If you are already with AT&T and subscribed with DirectTV or U-Verse you can get an even sweeter deal on your family plan. AT&T offers an unlimited family plan.  When you have a family, you know the value of an unlimited plan. The first line costs $100. Each added line will cost $40 each, but they credit you the price of a fourth line. The total for the unlimited data plan for a family of four would be a great price of $180.

  • 1 Line: $60/line
  • 2 Lines:$58/line ($115/mo)
  • 3 Lines:$45/line ($135/mo)
  • 4 Lines:$39/line ($155/mo)

The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans For Families

It was hard to find a group plan with unlimited talk, text, and data, without a credit check. That’s changing. If you prefer a prepaid cell phone plan that needs multiple lines, your options are wider than ever before. Many prepaid and no-contract cell phone carriers offer prepaid plans for a family.

One of the main benefits of going with a prepaid plan is that you will not have any unexpected fees or early termination fees, although you will probably experience activation fees. Another advantage is that giving a prepaid phone to your teenager will prevent any unexpected surprises on the bill.

Verizon Prepaid Family Plans

verizon logo

This Verizon Prepaid Family plan is a customizable plan and includes unlimited talk and text to the U.S., plus unlimited text from the U.S. to over 200 international destinations for each line. You can add up to 4 additional lines on one account and there’s no annual contract, no fees, and no monthly bills. Each family member chooses their amount of data and additional lines get up to $20 monthly discount per line.

  • 3 GB: $40/1 line – $30/additional lines
  • 7 GB: $50/1 line – $35/additional lines
  • 10 GB: $60/1 line – $40/additional lines
  • Unlimited: $75/1 line – $55/additional lines

Sprint Prepaid Family Plans

sprint logoSprint Forward Prepaid Family Plan is no contract, no long-term commitment and requires no credit check. This plan offers Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data with your choice of high-speed while on the Sprint network. Each member can choose between the $45 (4GB) or $65 (Unlimited) plan. You can get a Sprint Forward Prepaid Family plan for up to 5 lines and save $15 on additional lines. $5 AutoPay discount is available on the primary line only.

  • Unlimited: 1er line/$60 – 2nd line/$40 – Additional lines For $0
  • 4 GB: 1er line/$40 – Additional lines For $30

MetroPCS Family Plans

metropcs logoMetroPCS family plan is more expensive but includes more data, which is a great deal if you stream a lot of music. Customers on $ 40 plan or higher can stream from more than 40 music services, including Pandora, Etherradio, Apple Music and Spotify, without using high-speed monthly data allocations. MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile and operates on its network. But T-Mobile gives priority to customers on its core brand, so MetroPCS users may experience slower data speeds during peak times in some areas.

  • 5 GB: $40/1 line and $10 off each additional lines
  • Unlimited: $60/1 line and $20 off each additional lines

Cricket Wireless Group Plans

cricket wireless logoCricket wireless is the best MVNO option for families, tied to AT&T network and has an affordable group discount plan. families of five can save up to $100 each month. All Cricket Wireless plans include unlimited talk and text, the only difference is the amount of data you select plus the international perks that are pretty much unheard of in the world of MVNOs, including unlimited international texting and free roaming in Canada and Mexico on plans of 5 GB or more. Group discount is not available on Cricket’s Talk cheapest phone plan of $30 a month.

  • 5 GB: 1er line/$40 – 2nd line/$30 –  $20 off each additional lines
  • Unlimited: 1er line/$55 – 2nd line/$45 –  $20 off each additional lines

Boost Mobile Family Plans

boost mobile logo

Boost Mobile’s is another MVNO to consider which offer great value, with a wide variety of features at a decent price. They operate on Sprint’s network, which ranks third out of the Big Four. Boost Mobile is also introducing two family cell phone plans that give each phone line its own allotment of data from 3 GB to unlimited. All lines get all the same features as Boost’s regular Unlimited Gigs plan that costs $50 for the first line and $30 for each additional line and the first line are eligible for a $5/month discount for using auto pay.

  • 3 GB: $35/1 line – $30/additional lines
  • Unlimited: $55/1 line – $30/additional lines

Family Cell phone plans can either permit from two or more cell phone subscribers in order to have the privilege and right to utilize a collection of minutes that are obtained in a single bill. Moreover, this type of plan gives the upper limit assessment for those who require numerous lines of services.

The world of high competition, it has never been easy to look and match up cell phone family plans. The most important thing here is that you will be able to discover the ideal cell phone plan for your family. The best company that will assist and gives the right features that you need at the lowest monthly rate subscription. Until then, you will be able to couple it with your chosen special phone with an extensive choice of two at no cost cell phone offers.

Subscribing to a one plan subscription, you can select a wireless family cell phone plan with a number of people under it for your cell phone service. This will be a wise and a very good option for a group of individuals who wants to save the cost of purchasing each phone. Logically, family plans are low-priced than the cost of purchasing independent plans for numerous people. It will be more comfortable for you to acquire the service and a great means of saving enough money because the plan will let you distribute minute and information most especially if the cell phone utilized is odd among those individuals that were with the plan.

What You Should Know About Family Plans

Family cell phone plans are the number one choice for a lot of parents if they have kids spending time sending a message and browsing the web, but it’s very important to know everything about family plans’ carriers
in your zone and the offers they sell. It’s always better to look for cell phone providers with a good reputation and good records in your area. If you are the type of person that prefer one bill for several cell phones, the family cell phone plan is the right plan for you.

Down below some useful tips explaining the most important things you should put in mind when it’s time to go and buy any family cell phone plans.

Minutes: First of all you need to figure out the way you are going to use minutes. Most cell phone providers give free minutes for customers at specific times during the day or to certain phone numbers.

Next, you need to be aware of which area you will generally make calls to. Some carriers offer unlimited cross-country phone calls while others don’t.

The other important aspect that determines the number of cell phone minutes you’ll need is the number of persons sharing the plan.

Coverage Map: Cell phone coverage map is the most important factor for any plan. After all your attention is not to have a cheap cell phone plan with a bad coverage, at least you should know if you can make phone calls in your local area without having troubles with the signal.

The best place to collect more information about this topic is the cell phone provider’s website. Read the map and see if they have a good coverage in your hometown. Also, friends and family may help you, ask them which provider they use and how the coverage is.

Number of Phones: Cell phone providers generally offer Four phones for family cell phone plans, and they charge additional fees in case you need more phones. If your kids don’t have a cell phone at the moment but you will buy one after, it’s better to choose a plan with more than two phones.

Text Messaging and Data: Phones today are more than a device for calling; you can check your emails, browse the web, watch videos online and match more.

Children are the most active members of the family, they often send and receive text messages and use the internet, for this reason, parents have to choose a plan that fits this kind of situation and avoid later any extra fees.

Advantages of Family Plans

Of course in most service companies they basically aim to increase your interest in using their services for your group or your whole family. As major effects of this program, it may seem cost-effective to find yourself acquiring a wireless family cell phone plan that will eventually charge you less compared from obtaining individual plans. Usually, these service providers offer privileges and discounts on new and special phones whenever you will avail a phone with your family plan. The most economical individual wireless plan like for example with AT&T will normally cost $40/month for 450 minutes. This will be $120/month for a sum of 1350 minutes. On the other hand, they have a family plant for 3 members that will cost $100/month for 1400 minutes. So if you will just have to balance and evaluate, you can acquire more minutes by spending less and within your family, you may also less probably to have an individual who has enough minutes and one person who doesn’t have.


There are so many family plans offered by so many different carriers so if you are shopping for a family plan, you need to determine how important price is compared to coverage. In this article, we’ve covered the plans that are offered by the four major carriers. This provides you with a good idea of what is being offered as all carriers are competitive in the market.

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