AT&T APN Settings

AT&T APN Settings

A gateway is a term that is given to the Gateway which connects a cellular network to a packet data network (PDN). A name for an access point or, more often APN is also referred to as. The gateway functions as an intermediary between the network and the ISDN/PDN that is in one of the two network designs. Mobile devices need to be aware of how to configure their APN to the network they are using. This allows users to access data services continue without interruption. AT&T APN settings for mobile phones are crucial.

On the website for AT&Ts, you can purchase a SIM cell phone or card. The site also provides options like automatic top-ups as well as bill items that can be viewed online. Users can also change networks manually if there is no coverage.

That’s all for APN and AT&Ts. Let’s move on back to the main point of our discussion What do you do to configure APN settings for AT&Ts?

We are able to assist you to resolve all AT&T APN settings issues. There are a few crucial things to be aware of when making your APN configurations on your phone.

We will be using combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces between words, commas, and numbers in the next steps. When setting up the APN settings on your AT&T device, be careful.

The data on your mobile (internet or MMS-based services) won’t function properly If you don’t correctly fill in the correct values.

Also, make sure to remove any other un-working APN Settings from your mobile. Next, set up a brand new APN Setting following the steps below.

AT&T APN Settings

  • Proxy:
  • Port:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Server:
  • MMSC:
  • MMS
  • MMS Port:80
  • MCC:310
  • MNC:410
  • Authentication Type:none
  • APN Type:default,mms,supl,hipri
  • APN Protocol:IPv4
  • APN Roaming Protocol:
  • Bearer:
  • MVNO Type:
  • MVNO Type:

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