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With cell phone plans coming up every weekend is really hard to choose the best cell phone plan that will fit your needs and budget. each cell phone plan has its own pros and cons. Some carriers will give you unlimited talk time when some will give unlimited text messaging. In this site, we seek to bring you the best cell phone plan suited for the general public and at an affordable cost.

Determining what the best cell phone plan is for you and your family is going to depend on what you need. Single people who just need minimal data can opt for cheaper mobile phone plans through budget carriers, such as Boost Mobile or Republic Wireless. A cheap phone plan that lets you bring your own phone could save you even more.

Almost all prices are susceptible to change so please check the service plan website for current information details.

The Best Cell Phone Plans For 2018


Tello, allows you to truly customize your plan to meet your needs. Being able to choose how many minutes, texts, and data you need are sure to please your lifestyle and your wallet. All of their plans are no contract and prepaid. As a low-cost MVNO carrier, you can expect no hidden fees, no activation fees, and no early termination fees. Their best plans:

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless has been improving its Hybrid calling system. All phone calls made from a Republic Wireless cell phone are automatically routed over Wi-Fi first, in case no Wi-Fi network is available, it is going to default cellular service which leads to lower bills, and Republic Wireless plans are clearly affordable. Their best plans:

Total Wireless

Total Wireless is another TracFone-owned carrier that offers average MVNO rates for data plans. Its cheapest data plan is $35/month for unlimited talk and text and 5GB of 4G LTE. A great add-on feature is 3GB of 4G LTE for $10, and if you don’t use that extra 3GB up by the end of your month, you can carry it over to your next billing month. Their best plans:

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is owned by TracFone and is that cell phone section sold at Walmart. It features the latest phones and lets you bring your own Sprint device or really any device since it uses all four of the big networks for coverage. Their best plans:

TPO Mobile

TPO Mobile provides no-contract cell phone plans with no credit check and a $5 auto pay discount. Instead of starting at $15 for 250MB of data, 500 texts and 500 minutes, you pay $10 a month if you sign up for auto pay. TPO Mobile also has plans with 3GB and 5GB along with unlimited talk and text. Keep in mind that additional taxes and fees are not included in the advertised prices but you can bring your own phone to save some money with TPO. Their best plans:


Ting says it offers mobile that makes sense, so it only wants you to pay for the stuff that you used. With pretty affordable rates for talk, text, and data, you’ll be sure that is entirely customizable to your needs without locking you into a contract. Their best plans:

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has many attractive add-on features that only require a low rate of their Chat Plan including other downloads for the youth market. Their rates are better especially for international text messages and same rates when calling outside Boost Mobile like those to Sprint and Nextel subscribers. However, their premium plans are not that different. The company only offers three premium monthly plans that are for $35, $50 and $60. Unfortunately, Boost mobile doesn’t offer free refurbished phone units for its subscribers. Their best plans:


Remaining minutes can be carried over to the new refill card that subscribers purchased and can be checked from the handset and the overall functions are simple and easy to use. On the other hand, the minutes are expensive even on higher plans. The 800-minute card costs $139.99 which means per minute charge runs about 17 cents. Their best plans:

Page Plus

Page Plus Cellular Prepaid is a good choice for those who access the internet using their phones. The rates per minute are lower than many and offer attractive prepaid plans that can really fit the lifestyle of subscribers. However, they charge for roaming service which some cell phone companies offer for free. Their best plans:

Net10 Wireless

Customers may love the flat rate of 10 cents by Net10 Prepaid but their network coverage is not that wide compared to other wireless service providers. The basic 10 cents per minute plan doesn’t offer any nights and weekend unlimited service. For those who make frequent calls and send many messages within the calling area of Net10 may find their Unlimited $75 very beneficial. For those who may send messages or call outside the coverage area will find the monthly fee too expensive. Their best plans:

Metro PCS

Unlimited services for calls are very attractive packages for those who always use the phone for calls. Also, as no contract is required; subscribers can go pay month to month, even though the plan resembles a traditional cell phone plan. Additional fees apply for basic extras such as caller ID, call waiting and 3 way calling. Metro PCS Prepaid also has very limited coverage areas which may run up additional charges. Their best plans:

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Prepaid can attract the interest of some customers by offering many unlimited services like airtime, messages and web access. However, it only applies within the coverage area which has rather small coverage at present. This may not be useful for many customers. Customers sending or making calls outside the coverage area may not like the additional fees. Cricket Prepaid also charges additional fees like activation and service fees for payments; other companies generally waive these. Their best plans:

US Mobile

US Mobile is a newer wireless carrier that operates with GSM SIM cards. For added flexibility, customers can choose from dozens of plan combinations that can save them money. The company also offers 24/7 customer service including email and chat help, no contracts, no hidden fees, and no surcharges. Since there is no commitment, you can try US Mobile without a large financial risk. Their best plans:

To find the best cell phone plan that’s right for you, you’ve got to first look at the bigger picture and ask which carrier offers the best combination of coverage, speed, and network reliability. Once you’ve determined which carrier you want to go with, you can begin the highly personalized process of selecting an individual plan from that carrier.


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