Best Family Cell Phone Plans

best family cell phone plans
Cell Phone Plans

If you’re planning to cut down your cell phone bill or keep all your family connected under only one single bill, family cell phone plans is a best way to start. Every carrier permits you to purchase for a month bundles of web data, saving you some money. However these family plans develop pretty quickly that it could be difficult to maintain.

Family cell phone plans is a smart way to bring new customers, so it’s a Win for the company but it’s also a WIN WIN for both you and your family. That’s why there is a huge drop of costs between individual plans and family plans.

Most carriers start offering many options for the best cell phone plans for families and it’s easy to get confused about which plan is best for you. Family plans from the major providers give you a lot of perks: they usually come with unlimited talk and text, a lot of data, and the ability to add as many lines as you want. But they can be restrictive. Hopefully, In this article, I’m going to evaluate the best family cell phone plans offered by the four largest wireless carriers in the United States: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

AT&T Family Plans

at&t cell phone plans

AT&T offers the second most reliable coverage across the U.S. AT&T today announced a new unlimited data plan available to all of its customers. While AT&T brought back an unlimited data plan last year, it was limited to DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers. Today’s plan, however, is open to anyone.

AT&T also offers two unlimited data plans: Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus. Both unlimited data plans includes unlimited talk, text and data plus, high definition video streaming, unlimited text to over 120 countries and unlimited talk, text to canada and mexico. The data reduces your speeds after 22GB in a month. Every line beyond the first two is an additional $20 per month. You can add up to eight lines on a single plan.

AT&T’s unlimited plus starts at $90, making it far and away the most expensive no-cap data option among the four major U.S. carriers. which comes with no restrictions plus 10GB of Hotspot.

Unlimited Choice starts at $60 a month and comes with some limitation with download speed which limits at 3 megabits per second and video streaming which is limited at (480p).

AT&T’s Mobile Share Advantage plans starts at $30 a month for 1GB plus $20 access fee for each additional line. The Plan includes unlimited domestic calling and texting and you can add up to 10 devices, with no contract offers better deals for families.

Check Out AT&T For More Details

T-Mobile Family Plans

t-mobile cell phone plans

T-Mobile claims to have the best cell phone plan for families out of all four network carriers. T-Mobile offers T-Mobile One which includes unlimited talk, text and data plus unlimited music and video streaming, free international service, and more. The data speeds slow if you use 28GB of data in a month. T-Mobile One’s price includes taxes and fees.

There’s no contract, and you have to pay the full, unsubsidized price for each smartphone you buy on the plan or you can bring your own phone instead of buying a new one.

Check Out T-Mobile For More Details

Sprint Family Plans

sprint cell phone plans

Sprint subscribers love this network because of their cheap plans. Sprint Unlimited Freedom family plan offers ways to save you money based on your wireless data needs which includes unlimited talk, text and high-speed data. The unlimited data could be slowed once you reach 23GB in a month. All their cell phone plans can be family plans with a total of 10 lines. The first additional line is $45 per month, and any lines added beyond that are $35 per month.

Lines starts at $50 a month. The second line’s an additional $40 for a total of $90, and the third, fourth, and fifth lines of service are free. Sprint doesn’t just have the cheapest network. Subscribers can stream unlimited high definition video And 10GB of hotspot data.

Check Out Sprint For More Details

Verizon Family Plans

verizon cell phone plans

Verizon is a great alternative for families who want flexible data plans plus they has the best service in rural areas across the country. Verizon’s family plans range in size from 2GB to unlimited data depending on how much data you need. From there you add the number of devices you want up to 10 lines. The unlimited plan is a recent addition, and it starts at $80 a month for a single line to $30 per line for 10 lines.

All Plans includes unlimited talk and text. Prices include a charge for the data plus a $20 line access charge.

Check Out Verizon Wireless For More Details

Cricket Wireless Unlimited

cricket wireless cell phone plans

Cricket wireless is the best MVNO opetion for families, tied to AT&T network and has an affordable group discount plans. families of five can save up to $100 each month. All Cricket Wireless plans includes unlimited talk and text, the only different is the amount of data you select plus the international perks that are pretty much unheard of in the world of MVNOs, including unlimited international texting and free roaming in Canada and Mexico on plans of 5GB or more. Group discount is not available on Cricket’s Talk cheapest phone plan of $30 a month.

Check Out Cricket Wireless For More Details

Boost Mobile Family Unlimited Gigs Plans

Boost Mobile cell phone plans

Boost Mobile’s is another MVNO to consider which offer great value, with a wide variety of features at a decent price. They operate on Sprint’s network, which ranks third out of the Big Four. Boost Mobile is also introducing two family cell phone plans that give each phone line its own allotment of data from 3GB to unlimited. All lines get all the same features as Boost’s regular Unlimited Gigs plan that costs $50 for the first line and $30 for each additional line and the first line is eligible for a $5/month discount for using auto pay.

Check Out Boost Mobile For More Details

Ultimately choosing a shared plan for your family comes down to how many people are in your home, what devices they use, and what they use them for. AT&T and Verizon have slight advantages between each other depending on what category you look at.

A 4 person, unlimited plan on T-Mobile cab be an outstanding option, since it’s considerably less expensive than AT&T or Verizon and also has no yearly commitment.

When it comes to pure flexibility and value, Sprint recent Freedom Plan is probably the most interesting of the collection. There’s absolutely no yearly commitment, you receive double the amount of web data compared to on other carriers for a lower monthly cost. Just be sure you’re in a location covered by Sprint improved spark LTE network, or maybe you’ll obtain painfully slow data speeds. Sprint Family plan will help you save large, however it’s developed especially for a huge group of users who wish to separate a bill.

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