Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

If you are shopping for a prepaid cell phone plan, the enormous variety of plans can be absolutely confusing. Prepaid cell phones offer some clear advantages over traditional contract plans.
  • Prepaid cell phone plans don’t require credit checks
  • You don’t have to sign a contract
  • They can be significantly cheaper than traditional cell phone plans.
Unfortunately, since every prepaid cell phone provider structures their pricing differently, comparing prepaid cell phone plans can be overwhelming.

There are small companies that offer the best prepaid cell phone plans with unlimited talk, text and nice amount of data. There’s actually something for any budget-and you’ll save over a postpaid plan.

Below are the best prepaid cell phone plans with nationwide network coverage assuming light usage. The advantages of prepaid are that you have no long-term contract, no credit checks, and most handset taxes besides sales tax are already thrown into the price instead of extra $5 monthly per line. They may still work with Smartphones for those who are ok with web data usage only where you can find wireless coverage.

The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans in 2016

Note: Almost all prices are susceptible to change so please check the service plan website for current information details.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless released in 2011 as a project to mix cellular calling and Wi-Fi, and it has been improving its Hybrid calling system. All phone calls made from a Republic Wireless cell phone are automatically routed over Wi-Fi first, in case no Wi-Fi network is available, it is going to default cellular service. The idea is that utilizing less cellular service and web data must lead to lower bills for the user and lower rates for the company, and Republic Wireless plans are clearly affordable.
For $40 every month on Republic Wireless, you will get unlimited voice talk, text and up to 5GB of web data at 4G speed. It’s a little less expensive compared to other plans, and the Sprint service as well allows you to change your plan two times each billing cycle for absolutely no extra cost. If you end up using less or more than you expected, you are able to go to your own account online, or via the Republic Wireless app on your cell phone, and also change the plan for the month when you like.

The downside with Republic Wireless is the limited phone collection. Recently, you can utilize only 3 phones on the service: the first generations Moto X, Moto G as well as the Moto E. which are completely great android Smartphones, you don’t need the luxury of selecting another handset, or bringing a cell phone you own to the service.
    Republic Wireless cheapest prepaid cellular plans

    Prepaid Republic Wireless Plans Details:

    $15/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and Wi-Fi Data
    $20/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB of Data Plus Wi-Fi Data
    $30/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 2GB of Data Plus Wi-Fi Data
    $45/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 4GB of Data Plus Wi-Fi Data
    $60/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 6GB of Data Plus Wi-Fi Data

    Red Pocket

    Red Pocket Mobile is an MVNO supports both CDMA and GSM networks via Sprint and AT&T and is one of the few MVNO to support both networks.

    red pocket top no contract phone deals

    Prepaid Red Pocket plans:

    • For CDMA, you will get $29.99 a month for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data. For $49.99 you will get unlimited talk, text and 2GB high speed web data.
    • For GSM, you will find 3 plans available. For $29.99 you will get unlimited talk, text and 500MB also free worldwide calling. $39.99 per month you get unlimited everything with 1GB high speed data plan and free worldwide calling and texting. At last, the $59.99 plan includes unlimited talk, text with 3GB of web data. By the way, data is unlimited but it reduces the speed after the limit of your monthly amounts of web data.
    • Red Pocket is among the very few companies that offer a data only option. $10 per month gives you 1GB. $30 gives you unlimited data but lowering after 3GB. $50 gives you unlimited but lowering after 5GB. 

    Prepaid Red Pocket Plans Details:

    $29/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of High Speed Data
    $39/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB of High Speed Data
    $49/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 2GB of High Speed Data
    $59/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB of High Speed Data

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    Cricket Wireless

    Cricket Wireless was previously known as AIO and it’s an MVNO that operates off of AT&T network. It’s one of the latest network services on this list.

    Cricket Wireless best prepaid cell phone plans

    Cricket Wireless Plans: 

    • Cricket Wireless offer a $30 a month plan which includes unlimited voice talk and text and 1GB of data.
    • Cricket Wireless offers some very simple plans. All plans contain unlimited text and talk as well as unlimited throttled web data. For $40 a month you receive 2.5GB of LTE high speed data, $50 per month gives you 5GB and $60 a month gives you 10GB data high speeds. If you are using the auto-pay credit, all of the charges are reduced by $5 monthly.
    • For $10 a month you are able to add 1GB of web data. For $15 a month you will add complete international calls and text offers. For $7 a month you will get cell phone insurance. 

    Prepaid Cricket Wireless Plans Details

    $30/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB of Data
    $40/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 2.5GB of Data
    $50/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB of Data
    $60/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 10GB of Data

    Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile runs Sprint nationwide network, it works with Sprint cell phones and devices designed for its own network. Recently, you can buy a number of feature and Smartphones via Boost Mobile, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the Moto G.

    Boost Mobile possesses the cheapest monthly plan, charging $35 monthly for unlimited voice talk, text and up to 1GB of web data at 3G and 4G speeds. It is possible to upgrade to 5GB a month at high speed for $45, or even go further and have 10GB for $55 a month.

    There are some extra features you will get for your Boost Mobile device. The carrier provides international service for Mexico and Canada for an extra $5 a month, or perhaps you may go worldwide for an extra $10 a month. For Wi-Fi lovers, it is possible to transform your cell phone into a hotspot for $5 daily, so you’ll never be without internet.

    Boost Mobile cheapest unlimited phone deals comparison

    Boost Mobile cell Phone Plans Details

    $30/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB of 4G LTE Data
    $50/Month Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited of 4G LTE Data

    Total Call Mobile

    Total Call Mobile is a prepaid phone service that runs from sprint network. It’s a bit more old school as these methods go because they’re still concentrated around card refills instead of prepaid plans.

    total call mobile cheapest no contract phone plan in
    Total Call Prepaid Service

    $29/Month Plan
    • 1000 Domestic calling
    • 1000 Texting Worldwide
    $24/Month Plan
    • Unlimited Domestic calling
    • Unlimited Texting Worldwide
    • Unlimited 1GB Data

    Ting Mobile

    Ting Mobile coming on the prepaid world in 2012, Ting Mobile runs on Sprint network and just changes you for the voice talk, text message and web data you use. You may either bring your Sprint cell phone over to thing, or perhaps order a new one from Ting. Ting offers different prices for different usage amounts and by the end of each month, the carrier charges you only for what you use.
    So if you don’t utilize any to call someone, you won’t be changed anything for talk minutes. The only charge you’ll pay is $6 per line on your Ting service, based on the company, that’s a surcharge to hold your number active on Sprint network. Ting Mobile also offered hot spotting and tethering features for free.

    Ting best no contract phone deals
    Ting No-Contract Service

    Ting offers useful account control capabilities that allow you to monitor your usage all the time. Sign in to your account anytime to check how much text, talk and data you’ve used so far, and you could set usage limits that alert you in case you’re getting close to high numbers. If you wish to use only 500 minutes each month, you could set an alert on your Ting account so you’ll receive a message whenever you’re getting close to that limit. For parents trying to monitor their kid’s phone use, or perhaps students on a budget, Ting Mobile offers cheap prices and features that keep you on budget.
    You can still bring over your Sprint phone if you choose to change to Ting, as well as used Sprint phones bought from shops like Amazon an eBay. Ting Mobile also has a shop where you can purchase compatible cell phones such as Nexus 5, the iPhone 5S and the HTC One.

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      MetroPCS is definitely owned by T-Mobile and you would believe that means they run on T-Mobile network. Wrong!, MetroPCS runs its own CDMA network completely private of the largest four companies which is possible why T-Mobile bought them to start with.

      Metropcs cheapest unlimited phone deals comparison

      MetroPCS has four plans and they all contain unlimited voice talk, text and web data but it’s throttled. For $40 per month you receive 3GB of high speeds network web data. For $50 per month gives you 5GB and $60 per month is unlimited. Currently we didn’t find any evidence of their unlimited being throttled.

      Prepaid MetroPCS Plans Details:

      $30/Month Plan -  Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB LTE Data
      $40/Month Plan -  Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB LTE Data
      $50/Month Plan -  Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB LTE Data
      $60/Month Plan -  Unlimited Talk, Text and Unlimited LTE Data

      Contract VS Prepaid Plans

      Just like any wireless service provider, you need to understand some certain factors like web data speed, coverage areas and phone options. Users must look closely at LTE data speed the carrier is capable of. Most prepaid companies are already providing unlimited talk and text on their monthly price plans, Henderek says, but the prepaid company may say that a specific plan has unlimited web data access, however the truth is data speeds could be throttled greatly after a consumer reaches a particular limit.

      On MetroPCS, for example, just the very first 1GB of web data for its $40 monthly plan is up to 4G LTE speed. On Virgin Mobile, you will get a pretty strong 2.5GB of data on high speeds for $35, but it’s detailed as 4G/3G, and for the cost only 300 talk minutes are included, that might not be a big deal when you text more than you talk.

      If you’re changing from a monthly plan to a Prepaid plan, it’s important to understand how much web data you’re really using every month. Verify your latest bill or go to your account online to verify the amount of data you use regularly before you decide to switch over, so that you can avoid spending a lot more for data than needed.

      Another variance between big company plans and prepaid no contract plans is your phone price. Companies like AT&T and Verizon cell phones at a reduced price simply because they will ultimately make up the difference by locking in customers with 2 year agreements and early termination fees. On Prepaid plans, usually you’ll be paying the phone’s complete price. That’s why a Samsung Galaxy S5 will cost $199 with a 2 year contract from Verizon, but the same smartphone will cost $649 from MetroPCS.

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      Just remember that prepaid carriers don’t usually share the recent and best phones. For example, Virgin Mobile doesn’t yet provide the iPhone 6, offering the iPhone 5s instead. Boost Mobile has the iPhone 6 and 6 plus but not the Galaxy Note 4. However, many prepaid service providers allow you to bring your own personal phone, such as TracFone and Straight Talk Wireless.