Page Plus Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Verizon is notorious for providing excellent coverage at a high price so in this post I'm going to be doing a review of Page Plus a carrier that uses the Verizon network to provide coverage but offers plans at a much more affordable price.

Page Plus Monthly Prepaid Plan

Page Plus Prepaid Phone Plan

Page Plus $30 a month plan includes:

  • 1500 Talk Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 1 GB of LTE Data
Similar plan purchased directly from Verizon would cost you $50 a month and includes:

  • Unlimited Talking
  • Unlimited Text
  • 1 GB of LTE Data
By going off contract with Page Plus you would save $20 a month which is up to $480 for the course of just two years.

Now you're probably wondering how Page Plus is able to offer such affordable plants well unfortunately it is not without compromise:

  1. Data speeds are capped at 5 Mbs for downloads and 2 Mbs for uploads.
  2. Visual voicemail isn't supported and neither is tethering.
  3. Customer support from Page Plus is also probably weaker than customer support from Verizon because you're not paying for that premium service.
4G LTE Nano SIM Card 4G LTE Dual SIM Card
4g-lte-nano-sim-card 4G LTE Dual SIM Card
What you do get from Page Plus is coverage on the Verizon network at an extremely affordable price, I had coverage everywhere and the data speeds were always usable. sure the data speeds on Page Plus were comparatively slow to other carriers I've tested, but the Verizon coverage in my area was consistently strong enough that I was always able to get a usable connection, call quality was also great and group and picture messaging were fully supported.

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So how do you sign up for Page Plus is $30 a month plan

The first step 
  • Make sure you have a device compatible with the Verizon network
  • Order a Page Plus SIM card for $5.27 shipped
once you have the Sim card the next step is to purchase the plan you want from Page Plus website in this case I purchased Page Plus is $30 plan which came to $33.08 after all taxes and fees.

Choose the Plan

best cell phone plan
When you purchase the plan you'll get an email with the pin number that you will use to activate your plan.

The last step is to scroll down to the very bottom of Page Plus website and click activate after you enter all your information at the bottom of the activation page you'll be given the option to enter the pin number for the place selected.

Activate the Plan

Then you click activate device and you should be good to go, pop the Sim card into your phone and you should receive a text within an hour from your new number saying your plan is now active on your account.

Once you receive a text from Page Plus then you're all set and ready to start enjoying coverage on the Verizon network at a very affordable price.

Make sure to set up your voicemail system by dialing your Page Plus phone number and it would also be a good idea to make an online account, from your online account you can do your usage and manage automatic refill settings.

Make Online Account

Page plus is a very basic cell phone service offering coverage on the Verizon network at a very affordable price you don't get a lot of bonus features but all the core aspects of the phone work calling works, group and picture messaging work, in the data speeds while not the fastest are consistently usable.

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